It’s always great getting out into nature – both for our physical and mental health! And it’s not just good for the kids either. But with the current covid stay at home orders, we have to re-think how we do this. This articles covers important things to do if visiting a park, and a handy list of less popular parks with wide open spaces that are good to visit. Plus I’ve mapped them as well!

It’s vitally important that we continue to minimise the spread of coronavirus COVID-19 in our community. This involves continuing to keep 1.5m away from other people (excluding immediate family) and practicing good hygiene. With the current lockdown in Sydney, we’re allowed to go outside to exercise in a group of up to 10 people. It’s unclear at the moment whether playgrounds will be closed again – but this will probably depend on how people behaviour.

Parks and Coronavirus
Funny but true!

Thankfully there are about 300 local parks and reserve just within the City of Parramatta…. so plenty of space to spread out and enjoy being out in nature.

Williams Reserve
Walking out a side passage onto Williams Reserve

Things To Do When Visiting A Park

For everyone’s health and safety, there are a few very important things we all need to do when taking our kids to the park for exercise.

  • We must stay at least 1.5 metres away from other people.
  • It’s best to go to less popular parks that have lots of space to spread out and don’t have many other people there.
  • Take a kite, ball or frisbee to play with you to the park – this will reduce the need to touch surfaces used by other people and add a heap more fun to your outing.
  • Coronavirus may be spread via surfaces. If you still want to let your kids play in the playground, make sure to use hand sanitiser (or wash hands). You could also wipe down the surface with disinfectant.


This article has been written based on current advice provided by the Australian and NSW Governments.

Quiet Parks Good to Visit During Covid Lockdown

Here’s a list of 30 parks in and around the City of Parramatta that usually aren’t crowded. Actually we’re regularly the only family there when we’ve visited! This is mainly because they are tucked away. Plus, some of the parks don’t toilets, which means they aren’t as popular.

But each park on the list has a great open space to fly a kite, kick a ball around, throw a frisbee or ride a scooter/ bike. So you should be able to easily maintain social distancing at them! Plus, some have a bushwalk right nearby.

We find going mid-afternoon is the quietest time generally. And if you are after more park suggestions, check out our long list of hidden gems. Or you could go on a lovely bushwalk.

1Upjohn Park, Rydalmere

Almost fully surrounded by houses, it would be easy to live right near this park and not know it exists. It’s always a peaceful spot to visit during the week. And a nice spot for a wander, to fly a kite, ride a scooter or kick a ball around.

  • Key features: Bush reserve, set back from the road, bbqs, picnic shelters, toilets, purpose built scooter/ bike track, exercise equipment, sportsfield, creek, paths to walk/ ride on and on-site parking.
  • Address: Kirby Street, Rydalmere
  • More details

2John Curtin Reserve, Winston Hills

Tucked away in Winston Hills, John Curtin Reserve has a good playground, picnic tables, bbq’s, a sports field and a community hall with toilets. Plus lots of spots to explore the surrounding bushland and an undercover concreted area which is good for riding bikes on.

  • Key features: bush setting, oval, toilets, BBQs, links up with bushwalk through Moxham Park.
  • Address: Huxley Drive, Winston Hills
  • More details
Walking out a side passage onto Williams Reserve

Williams Reserve is tucked away behind houses, and we love wandering the ‘secret’ paths to get there.

  • Key features: ninja warrior style playground, ‘secret’ entrances, lots of open space for nature play
  • Address: Dora Crescent, Dundas
  • More details

4Valencia Park, Toongabbie

This is an unassuming park from the outside, but a delightful one with a nature based playground in a peaceful setting, surrounded by trees and views over the City of Parramatta. Plus there’s a number of native birds in residence.

  • Key features: bush setting, toddler climbing play gym, oval, natural shade, lots of birds, picnic table.
  • Address: Valencia Crescent, Toongabbie
  • More details

5Ron Payne Park, North Epping

A cute little playground overlooking a large oval and Lane Cove National Park. And we’re set up a fun Where’s Wally walking trail along the loop walk from Ron Payne Park, into Lane Cove National Park via Whale Rock.

  • Key features: sit in train, oval (with fence/ dog off leash area), toilets, connects up with a bushwalk in Lane Cove National Park.
  • Address: Woods St, North Epping
  • More details

6Rydalmere Park, Rydalmere

This park is one you may drive by often along Victoria Road without realising. Thanks to having a number of sports fields, there’s lots of open space to play. Plus a wood playground and basketball court.

  • Key features: playground, sports fields, basketball court
  • Address: Park Road, Rydalmere
  • More details

7Caber Park, Winston Hills

Caber Park is one of the first hidden gems we came across. It’s tucked away behind houses in Winston Hills, with little street frontage. There are a number of play spaces all in a lovely bush setting.

8Peel Park and Bill Mitchell Park, Gladesville

9Concord West Playground, Bicentennial Park

A lot of families probably know of Bicentennial Park at Sydney Olympic Park. But we’re betting that a good number of parents don’t know about the kids play space tucked away on the eastern side of the park.

  • Key features: scooter/ bike track, toilets, bbqs, shaded playground, mixture of equipment catering for different ages, nature based play elements, paths to walk/ ride on
  • Address: 75A Victoria Ave, Concord West
  • More details

10Burnside Gollan Reserve, Oatlands

A space themed playground tucked in Oatlands, surrounded by a large open grass area.

  • Key features: space themed playground, seats, open grassed area
  • Address: end of Blairgowie Place, Oatlands
  • More details

A pretty simple playground (which is set for an upgrade in 2021/22) tucked behind Carlingford High School, not far from North Carlingford shops.

  • Key features: sports fields, links up with Pioneer Track which you can walk to Hazelwood Rose Park (formerly Ray Park)
  • Address: end of Marron Place, Beecroft
  • More details

12Don Moore Reserve, North Rocks

Netball Courts

You could easily not know this large park in North Rocks is there – well unless your kids go to the school next door! And it’s netball courts are great for kids learning to ride a bike.

  • Key features: fenced playground, bush setting, netball courts, sports fields, toilets, on-site parking, dog off the leash area.
  • Address: Tiernan Ave, North Rocks
  • More details

13Hazel Ryan Oval, North Rocks

You feel like you are driving down someone’s driveway to get to Hazel Ryan Oval! We like the combination of interesting play equipment, bushwalk nearby and open space set back from the road at this park. And make sure to check out the Bluey walking trail here.

14Hazelwood Rose Park, Carlingford

We love the Granny Smith apple theme at this park. But it has a lot more going for it – particularly outside of summer.

  • Key features: community garden, links up with bushwalk, large circular paved path to ride/ walk on
  • Address: Avonlea Drive, Carlingford
  • More details

15Cheltenham Oval, Beecroft

This park surrounded by bushland has a nice combination of ‘activities’ from nature play and sports field to netball courts (great for riding on) and a bushwalk.

  • Key features: bush setting, netball courts, oval, bushwalk, toilets, on-site parking
  • Address: Castle Howard Road (off Oaklands Ave), Beecroft
  • More details

Down a path in Northmead, you’ll find the peaceful Charles Herbert Reserve, with rock ledges to climb and a small playground to enjoy.

17Dunbar Park, Marsfield

If you’re involved in Little Athletics, then you probably know about this tucked away park. In addition to the athletics field, there’s also a nice nature based playground in the back corner.

  • Key features: sports field, nature play space
  • Address: Sobraon Rd, Marsfield
  • More details

18Ted Horwood Reserve, Baulkham Hills

Like most of the parks on this list, you may have driven past Ted Horwood Reserve without realising what lay behind the busy exterior!

  • Key features: fenced playground, toilets, sports fields, links up with Bidjigal Reserve walk along Darling Mills Creek and on-site parking.
  • Address: Park Road, Baulkham Hills
  • More details

This is a popular sports park but with sport on hold, there’s lots of room to roam without many people. Plus, there’s a fenced dog park and paths to walk/ ride on.

  • Key features: multi-use courts, lots of paved path to walk and ride on, toilets, dog off leash area, on-site parking
  • Address: Murdoch Street, Ermington
  • More details

20Eric Mobbs Reserve, Castle Hill

The Platypus Track is one of my favourite local bushwalks and it starts at the large Eric Mobbs Reserve.

  • Key features: sports fields, fenced playground, toilets, on-site parking, Platypus Track along Darling Mills Creek
  • Address: entry to on-site carpark is from Ferguson Ave, Castle Hill
  • More details

21George Thornton Reserve, West Pennant Hills

This large reserve in West Pennant Hills has a LOT to offer families with young kids…and well worth a visit for a nice few hours out.

A nice bush park with a fun, newish playground.

  • Key features: playground, basketball hoop, bushland to explore
  • Address: Phillip Street, Oatlands
  • More details

23Rainbow Farm Reserve, Carlingford

  • Key features: large, sloped open grassed space
  • Address: Coral Tree Drive, Carlingford
  • More details

You are welcome to potter in the community garden at Bruce Miller Reserve (watering, weeding and stirring the compost bins). There’s also a playground and a large grassed area to play on

  • Key features: community veggie garden (open to everyone), playground
  • Address: Trumper Street, Ermington
  • More details

25Darvall Park, Denistone

Just up from West Ryde shops is this lovely bushy park.

  • Key features: playground, toilets, bushwalk, picnic tables
  • Address: Chatham Road, Denistone
  • More details

26Pye Ave Reserve, Northmead

  • Key features: playground for little ones, lots of open grass to play on, Echidna Loop Track along Darling Mills up to the North Rocks Dam.
  • Address: Pye Avenue, Northmead
  • More details

27Dundas Park, Dundas Valley


  • Key features: path around the whole park, large open space, toilets, cafe nearby
  • Address: Quarry Road, Dundas Valley
  • More details

28Somerville Park, Eastwood

If you’ve driven on Blaxland Road in Eastwood/ Epping, then you’ve been past this park. But chances are you didn’t know it has a few sports fields and joins up with the Terrys Creek walk, which goes behind Epping Pool to a lovely cascade.

  • Key features: fenced playground, picnic tables, open grass area, along Terrys Creek Walk
  • Address: 675 Blaxland Road, Eastwood
  • More details

29Robin Hood Park, Northmead

You’ve got to know where to look for this park!

  • Key features: playground set back from street, along the Redbank Track
  • Address: 15 and 17 Hood Street, Northmead
  • More details

30McCoy Park, Seven Hills

  • Key features: scooter/ bike track, sports fields, links up to Reynolds Park and the Settlers walk.
  • Address: end of Edna Ave, Toongabbie
  • More details

Map of Quiet Local Parks

Here’s a Google Park of the parks listed above to make it easy to find them.