Pavilion Flat playground is one of two playgrounds that call Parramatta Park home. It has definitely been the older, smaller and simpler playground of the two. But that is about to change, with an upgrade underway to make it an inclusive playground!

Plus it has the bonus of being a short walk away from the George Street Gatehouse, which until recently housed the Grounds Keeper Cafe.

Open park playgrounds with cafes nearby
George Street Gatehouse and the Grounds Keeper Cafe

Playground (Currently Being Upgraded)

The playground at Pavilion Flat is only about 50m from the George Street Gatehouse. The new inclusive playground is being built on roughly the same spot.

Pavilion Flat Playground Parramatta Park
Old playground at Pavilion Flats

The new playground will have play shelter structures and a scooter/ bike track around the outside. Here is the artistic impression.

Pavilion Flat Playground Parramatta Park

And here is a progress photo taken in June.

pavilion flat parramatta park

There’s also a large grassed area perfect for kicking a ball around.

Other Facilities

For a little bit of history, and to practise your balancing skills, take a look at the convict hut beams nearby. While there, read about Governor Phillip’s vision for an mile-long avenue to rival the grandeur of London’s Pall Mall.

Grounds Keeper Cafe Parramatta Park

There is also a large picnic shelter near the playground that you can hire and lots of open grassed area. Plus, a little walk away is Parramatta River.

Finding Pavilion Flat Playground

The Pavilion Flat playground is near the George Street Gatehouse at Parramatta Park on O’Connell Street. There is limited timed parking nearby in Parramatta Park.

Places of Interest Nearby