I love being near water. It has a calming affect on me and my boys. And I find water just a really beautiful thing to look out over. While Parramatta may not be on the coast (so no ocean views nearby), we have the next best thing – Parramatta River! And thankfully, there are so many lovely parks and reserves to enjoy Our Living River from. Here we list over 20 parks along Parramatta River with playgrounds for you to enjoy with your kids. Just remember to pack mozzie repellent!

Wangal Reserve Mortlake
Wangal Reserve in Mortlake

These playgrounds along Parramatta River have been grouped by whether they are fenced or open. Most of the playgrounds have water views. But a few are tucked behind trees or further away from the foreshore. All the parks listed though are along Parramatta River foreshore so you can still picnic, walk or ride with water views. The list of playgrounds goes from Parramatta down to Gladesville Bridge. And starts with our favourites and the ones we most regularly visit.

Bayview Park Concord
Wharf at Bayview Park

After decades of neglect and pollution, there has been a concerted effort recently to improve the water quality in Parramatta River. The goal is to make it swimmable again (at key spots) by 2025. And it’s great that we are already seeing positive results. Seals and pods of dolphins have been spotted at Cabarita, Rhodes and Silverwater. And we can now swim at Cabarita Beach. But even if we can’t swim in Parramatta River, we can enjoy it from the many parks along the foreshore. Please help to rid the river of rubbish by taking your litter with you and picking up a few bits of litter you see.

Here is a Google Map of the playgrounds along Parramatta River.

Fenced Playgrounds

Rhodes Foreshore Park

Address: Shoreline Drive, Rhodes | Summary: small to medium playground, best suited for 1-5yrs, water views, fenced, synthetic grass and softfall ground, partially shaded, toilets and cafe nearby, street parking, cycle path, accessible by train, bus and ferry | More details |

Address: Concord Rd, Rhodes | Summary: medium to large playground, best suited for 1-10yrs, water views, shade sails over open playground for older kids, some natural shade over fenced playground for toddlers, path to ride on nearby, toilets short walk away, sand pit, cafes nearby, on-site parking | More details |

Address: Arista Way, Ermington | Summary: small to medium playground, best suited 2-5yrs, water views, fenced, softfall ground, pirate theme, some natural shade, street parking, short walk away from Halvorsen Park, Cafe W and George Kendall Riverside, nearest toilets are at Cafe W, George Kendall Riverside Park or Ermington shop. | More details |

4Halliday Park, Five Dock

Address: McGrath Ave, Five Dock | Summary: small to medium playground, best suited to kids 2-8yrs, water views, fenced, bark ground, shade sails, path to ride on inside fenced playground and along waterfront, dog-off leash area in park, no toilets (but there are plans to add them in 2021) | More Details |

Open Playgrounds

5Putney Park, Putney

Address: Pellisier Rd, Putney | Summary: three small to medium playgrounds (including toddler pools and two giant slides), best suited to kids 2-10yrs, water views from bottom playgrounds, mix of shade sails and natural shade, bbqs, toilets, on-site parking, access to Putney Punt, open grassed areas | More details |

6Wangal Reserve | Mortlake

Address: 38 Hilly Street, Mortlake | Summary: opened in December 2020, medium sized nature based playground, best suited to kids 2-10yrs, water views, some natural shade, bbqs, toilets, limited parking, nearby to Putney Punt, little ‘beach’ area | More details |

7Halvorsen Park, Ermington

Address: Seamist Ave, Ermington | Summary: medium playground, best suited to 2-8yrs, water views, open, softfall ground, nautical theme, path for riding on, partially shaded, grassed area, street parking, Cafe W next door | More details |

8Parramatta Park, Parramatta

Paperbark Playground, Parramatta Park

Address: Main entrance corner of Pitt and Macquarie Streets, Parramatta | Summary: large playground at Domain Creek and new medium sized Paperbark playground near the George St Gatehouse (with cafe), best suited to kids 2-12yrs, open, bush setting, mix of sand, softfall and bark grounds, some natural shade, water pump, bbqs, toilets, on-site parking, no view of river from playgrounds | More details |

Address: Jamieson Street, Silverwater | Summary: large playground, best suited for kids 4yrs+, water views, mix of soft fall and synthetic grass ground, water playground section (no shade) lots of BBQs (including along Parramatta River), Armoury Wharf Cafe nearby, toilets, on-site parking, cycle paths, large picnic shelters, picnic tables, large grassed area | More details |

10Cabarita Park, Cabarita

Address: Cabarita Park, Cabarita Road, Cabarita | Summary: medium playground, best suited for kids 2-10yrs, open, sand ground, grassed area, toilets, water re-fill station, on-site parking, swimming pools, bbqs throughout park, beach to swim at, ferry wharf, cafe | More details |

Address: Waterview Street, Putney | Summary: medium playground, best suited to kids 2-8yrs, water views, sand pit, softfall under play equipment, bbqs, toilets, picnic shelters, on-site parking, close to ferry wharf | More details |

12Bayview Park, Concord

Address: End of Burwood Road, Concord | Summary: small to medium playground, best suited for kids 2-8yrs, open, sand ground, bbqs, toilets, tap, on-site metered parking, ferry wharf, beach, exercise equipment, path along foreshore | More details |

Address: Murdoch Street, Ermington | Summary: medium playground, best suited to 3yrs+, open, softfall ground, multi-use sports courts, path for riding on, shade sails, grassed area, off street parking | More details |

14Meadowbank Park, Meadowbank

Address: Andrew Street and Constitution Road, Meadowbank | Summary: skate park with playground, plus 3 other small to medium playgrounds, bark and soft fall grounds, toilets, on-site parking and street parking, near Meadowbank ferry wharf | More details |

Address: Elizabeth Street, Parramatta | Summary: medium playground, best suited for 4-12yrs, water views, open, sand and softfall ground, along Parramatta River, street parking, near Parramatta wharf and Church Street cafes, some natural shade | More details |

16Banjo Paterson Park, Gladesville

Address: Punt Road, Gladesville | Summary: medium playground, best suited to kids 2-8yrs, bark ground, some shade, picnic spots along the river, toilets, bbqs, walking trails, trees to climb and lots of on-site parking | More details

Address: John Street, Rydalmere | Summary: small playground, best suited to kids 2-5yrs, water views, soft fall ground, shade sails over play equipment, dinky track (purpose built scooter and bike track), bbqs, cycleway, grassed area, street parking, near Rydalmere ferry wharf, toilet block being built by end of 2018 | More details |

18Silverwater Park, Silverwater

Address: Clyde Street, Silverwater | Summary: small to medium playground, best suited to kids 2-6yrs, soft fall, water views, bbqs, toilets, grassed area, Dooley’s Club next door, on-site parking. | More details |

19Memorial Park, Meadowbank

Address: Meadow Cres, Meadowbank | Summary: medium playground, best suited to kids 3-8yrs, open, bush setting, bark ground, sand pit, water pump, bbqs, toilets, street parking, close to Meadowbank ferry wharf and train station | More details |

Address: 90 Lancaster Ave, Melrose Park | Summary: small playground, best suited to kids 2-10yrs, water pump and channels, some natural shade, path to ride on, near to the Ermington boat ramp which has toilets | More details |

21Battersea Park, Abbotsford

Address: Battersea Street (east), Abbotsford | Summary: medium sized playground, best suited to kids 2-6yrs, softfall ground, open, shade sails, picnics tables, toilets, on-site parking, near Abbotsford ferry wharf | More details |

Address: Belmore Street, Ryde (parking off Rothesay Ave) | Summary: small to medium playground, best suited for kids 2-6yrs, soft fall ground, shade sails, water glimpses, cycleway, toilets, bbqs, picnic shelters, on-site parking, walking distance from Meadowbank wharf | More details |

23Henry Lawson Park, Abbotsford

Address: Abbotsford Parade, Abbotsford | Summary: small playground, best suited to kids 2-5yrs, water views, open, softfall ground, no shade over play equipment, covered picnic tables, bbqs, no toilets, street parking | More details |

24Morrison Bay Park, Putney

Address: Frances Street, Putney | Summary: small to medium playground, best suited for kids 3-7yrs, bark ground, some natural shade, path to ride on around playground, exercise equipment around playground, playground away from water on the opposite side to sports fields (where you will find toilets, bbqs and water re-fill station) | More details |

25Gladesville Reserve, Gladesville

Address: Crown Street, Gladesville | Summary: skate park, playground and basket ball court | More details |

26Werrell Reserve, Abbotsford

Address: Treviot Ave, Abbotsford | Summary: small playground (with a slide, swings and see-saw), bbq, toilet, next to Sydney Rowing Club and Abbotsford ferry wharf, street parking, bush setting | More details |