Pye Avenue Reserve is a small playground in Northmead set back from the road. It has shade sails over it, though the play equipment may not all be in the shade depending on the time of day. The ground of the playground is synthetic grass and there is a large open grassed area behind the playground.

Pye Avenue Reserve Northmead

The play equipment is mostly at a low level, making it ideal for little ones. There is a climbing play gym with two slides, brides and rope climbing. Plus swings.

Pye Avenue Reserve Northmead

We think you can access the Murri-Yanna Track that goes along Darling Mills Creek from the back of the reserve. But are yet to explore to see whether it is easy enough to do.

Finding Pye Avenue Reserve

Pye Avenue Reserve playground is in between houses 57 and 59 on Pye Avenue in Northmead. There is street parking and no public transport.

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