Rapanea Community Forest – Neighbourhood Playground | Dundas Valley

Rapanea Community Forest

Rapanea Community ForestRapanea Community Forest is a 4 hectare bushland reserve that contains a significant population of Muttonwood trees (Rapanea Howittiana) and is an example of a blue gum high forest, now rare. Running through one side of the reserve is ‘The Ponds’ walking track. And the playground sits on the corner of Brand Street and McKillop Place.

The playground is unfenced but I feel very comfortable there with my two little ones. Probably because it is at the bottom of a grassy slope down from Brand street. And it is set back from the other street too. It has a fair bit of shade from the forest. And you will see quite a few sticks that have fallen onto the grassy area.

The double tower in the Rapanea Community Forest playground has heaps of my favourite play equipment. I mean my children’s! Balancing steps, rope ladder, a slide, fireman’s pole and a spiral pole side by side. Plus, naughts and crosses, spiral steps, a tunnel to crawl through to the other side, a ‘shop’, colour counters, a ‘car’, climbing ladder, rock-like rock climbing wall, a steering wheel and a telescope.

There is a bench seat to rest on. And a set of swings (including a toddler swing).
The playground sits on dirt bark and has a concrete retaining wall along one side. My children loved balancing and walking along the wall.

Finding Rapanea Community Forest

The Rapanea Community Forest runs from Quarry Road up to McKillop Place and Honiton Ave (west) in Dundas Valley. The playground is found along Brand Street and there is street parking. You can also catch the 545 bus and other buses that run along Evans Road. It is then just a short walk to the playground up Brand Street.

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