Rosslyn Blay ParkWell, what a lovely surprise to find such a beautiful little park tucked away between houses in North Parramatta. Rosslyn Blay Park is definitely a well-kept secret, but not for much longer!

We are sure that like us, many families are on the lookout for simple, clean, quiet, fenced playgrounds to suit very young children. Rosslyn Blay Park is one of those rare gems. It is especially perfect if you have the challenging job of watching two or more small children at once. It is also within walking distance of two very popular, child friendly cafes in the area! Win win!

Rosslyn Blay Park
Fence to the road

The playground itself is hidden from the road, which may explain why people other than the locals don’t know about it. There is a gated fence that you enter from the road. You then walk down a lovely path passing some well established trees to find the playground. The park is then (mostly) contained on the other three sides as it backs on to residential fences. There is a small gap in one of the side fences leading to a block of units, possibly a gate left open. It is on the far side from the playground, across the grassed area.

Rosslyn Blay Park

The playground is best suited to children under 5 years old and has:

  • Two swings (one suitable for babies)
  • Toddler climbing play gym with two slides (one very low and suitable for new walkers to climb up to)
  • Ride on car with two steering wheels
  • Rocker that seats two children
  • Small flower shaped table that babies can use to pull up to stand

The surface is synthetic grass that is very clean and well maintained. This makes it a lovely park for crawling babies to be able to explore safely. There is a small path around the edge of the playground for small children to try out their trike, bike or scooter. There is some shade from surrounding trees, but the playground is mostly in full sunshine during summer. This means it is best suited for the cooler months.

Rosslyn Blay Park

There is also a lovely grassed area behind the playground to run around and burn some more energy. The park is fully fenced and contained, making it a safe and fun place to enjoy for children who have a tenancy to “do a runner”. Here they will feel they have freedom to explore whilst we as parents know there’s only so far they can go!

Rosslyn Blay Park

As this is only a small neighbourhood park there are no toilets. There is a picnic table and park bench to enjoy some snacks or lunch. Or, you could spread out a picnic blanket on the grass.

Rosslyn Blay Park

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Getting to Rosslyn Blay Park

Rosslyn Blay Park is on Grose St in North Parramatta. There is some street parking available. Alternatively, you could catch a bus along Victoria Road and get off around Brickfield Street and walk up to Grose Street. Have fun!