Rouse Hill Regional ParkThe Rouse Hill Regional Park was one of the first parks I heard about when we moved to the Parra area three years ago. And we finally managed to visit it today for the first time. I held off going mostly cause it seemed far to get to and the reviews I had read left me unsure whether it was worth going. Some talked about new equipment and others showed a run down playground.All made it seem better suited to primary school aged kids. But a few local mums recommended it recently so it moved back up my list of places to check out…..and I am glad we did!

Rouse Hill Regional Park
Map and info

It is a large space, with a mix of open grassed areas and tree filled bush and lots and lots of picnic shelters and bbqs. There is the Rouse Hill Estate to visit as well but we didn’t get there today. Instead we spent our time at the Rouse Hill picnic area and playground and exploring the Second Ponds Creek walk. We easily spent a few hours there, and my boys asked to bring daddy back which is always a good sign.


Rouse Hill Regional Park

The playground has a mix of equipment, which I think is best suited to a younger age. There are sort of five areas within the playground:

  1. Under the shade cloth, there are some cubby houses, rockers and sit in car.
  2. To the side, there are two swings, one with a bucket seat.
  3. There is a climbing fort/ bridge like structure, with two slides and a climbing ramp, in the middle.
  4. At the back, there is the maze. This was probably our favourite part. Even though the kids worked it out pretty quickly, we spent ages playing hide and seek in there.
  5. Then there is a area which must have had a bridge but it has been removed and there are a few balance beams.

Rouse Hill Regional Park

The first two areas have a softfall ground that is in need of repairs in certain parts and does give the playground a bit of a run down feel. The play equipment is fine though and actually looks new in some places.

Today when we went, there was a school cross country carnival on and there were lots of primary school enjoying themselves in the playground….so not solely for young kids.

Second Ponds Creek Walk

Rouse Hill Regional Park

You can access this short loop walk from near the maze – either at the back or front. The signs say it is an easy 15mins walk. I did it in 30mins today with my Mr 4 and Mr 2.5 that seemed more interested in the flowers and stopping all the time then bushwalking.

There is a clear path to follow and you could easily do it with a pram. Unfortunately the creek looked badly populated so we avoided it.

Other FacilitiesRouse Hill Regional Park

  • On-site free parking
  • Toilets
  • BBQs
  • Picnic tables and shelters
  • Bushwalks
  • Supposedly there are bubblers and taps but we couldn’t find them.

Opening Hours

Rouse Hill Regional Park is open 8am to 8pm during daylight savings and 8am to 5pm at other times. It may though have to close at times due to poor weather or fire danger.

Rouse Hill Regional Park

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Finding Rouse Hill Regional Park

The park is just off Windsor Road, past Rouse Hill Town Centre when travelling north. There is lots of on-site, free parking, though I imagine it would fill fast on the weekends. You can catch a bus there from Parramatta, but it is a long trip – 1.5hrs, compared with 30mins by car.