Seville ReserveI accidentally found Seville Reserve whilst driving around hoping that Mr nearly 3 would have a day sleep. I knew I was clutching at straws because day sleeps just aren’t his thing and haven’t been for a long time. Anyway, we saw this cute little playground and just had to stop.

Seville Reserve is a large area of bushland and the playground is at the north-easterly end. Some of the bushland is currently being regenerated by City of Parramatta Council.

We don’t often visit parks at midday as I worry about the sun and the heat. So to find a park that is in full natural shade at midday is a treat. It looks like it would get full morning sun – perfect for winter mornings – and full shade from midday onwards.

Seville Reserve playground North Rocks

The playground is on synthetic grass and has large sandstone blocks around the edge. The sandstone block retaining wall was a hit with the kids, they loved balancing along the top. The playground has a set of swings (with one toddler seat) and a climbing play gym, with one side good for babies/ toddlers and the other part for preschoolers.

For babies/ toddlers, the climbing play gym has a baby pull up, small steps and a very small slide, maybe 90cm tall.

Seville Reserve playground North Rocks

For preschoolers, there is:

  • twister pole
  • climbing wall with hand cutouts
  • ‘driving’ feature
  • two different types of steppers
  • slide

Just outside the synthetic grassed area is a nature based play area with balancing logs and beams. These are suited to preschoolers and older. It was fun to join the kids balancing backwards and forwards on the logs and the beams. With the bushland right next to the playground, there are a lot of sticks in this area and you might also see some have fallen onto the synthetic grass.

Seville Reserve playground North Rocks

The park also has a picnic table, a bench seat and the sandstone blocks can be used for seating too.

Seville Reserve playground North Rocks

Finding Seville Reserve

The playground is next to house 19 on Plymouth Avenue in North Rocks. It’s a very quiet street – not a single car went past in the 45 minutes that we were there! And the park can also be accessed from the parallel street, Cambridge Avenue. You can also get the 546 or 625 bus along the nearby Statham Ave, about a 350m walk away.

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