I have known about the Terrys Creek Walk from Carlingford to Eastwood for a while now. Way before I found out about the other Terrys Creek bushwalk in Epping, with the waterfall. But to be honest at about 1km one way, I was put off taking my little ones on it by the distance.

Terrys Creek Bushwalk
Source: City of Parramatta Council

Well I really needn’t have worried. We did the walk from Mobbs Lane Reserve playground to David Hamilton Reserve playground with a group of preschoolers in an easy 30mins!

Terrys Creek walk Carlingford to Eastwood

And on finding the playground at David Hamilton Reserve closed (new playground NOW OPEN), we headed back along the track to the Brickpit side walk and played at the playground at Cavanstone Park instead. Then on the way back to Mobbs Lane Reserve, we stopped in at Pie Hill Cafe, which has a little play space for kids! Definitely a full and fun outing.

As you can see from the map, there are a number of different entry points. And it doesn’t make much difference which end you start this walk. Except there is off-street parking at Mobbs Lane Reserve. Keep in mind that you can also walk in from James Hoskin Reserve and Cavanstone Park (otherwise known as Brickyard Park).

The great thing about this bushwalk, and probably what made it a quick easy walk, is that it is mostly along boardwalks and flat wide grassed paths. Plus it is well marked with gorgeous newly installed sign posts as well as some older ‘you are here’ maps.

We enjoyed starting at the shaded playground at Mobbs Lane Reserve. It’s set amongst the bush and has some information boards about the local fauna.

Mobbs Lane Reserve

From here you walk through the carpark and cross Mobbs Lane over to Fred Spurway Reserve. Walk beside the basketball court and you will see the next marker at the back of the reserve. There is a little bridge crossing and then you follow the creek on your right on a grassed path.

Terrys Creek walk Carlingford to Eastwood

You will then cross Valley Road. From here the path turns to a boardwalk. The path takes you along the creek and the back of houses, with a view into their backyards.

Terrys Creek walk Carlingford to Eastwood

A bit along, you will see an information board about the Brickpit at a fork in the path. Going up the stairs, takes you to Birchgrove Crescent, which you can follow around to Cavanstone Park.

Terrys Creek walk Carlingford to Eastwood
Cavanstone Park

If you continue along the Terrys Creek Walk, you will reach another quiet street to cross at the end of Skenes Avenue.

Terrys Creek walk Carlingford to Eastwood

Then there is another little bridge crossing, which takes you over to a grassy reserve with park benches and large trees. We had lunch here while the kids climbed trees.

Terrys Creek walk Carlingford to Eastwood

Exit here onto Spencer Street to continue the walk, then turning left onto Holway Street.

Terrys Creek walk Carlingford to Eastwood
Exit/ entry point on Spencer Street

About 125m along Holway Street, you will see David Hamilton Reserve on your right, which now has a new playground that opened late September 2018.

David Hamilton Reserve Eastwood

The walk could be doable with an all terrain pram, if you are happy manoeuvring it up and down the odd few steps. This Terrys Creek walk is not as bushy as the other one to the waterfall but rather an enjoyable off road walk in suburbia, with the joy of taking a peek into peoples backyards.

Finding Terrys Creek Walk from Carlingford to Eastwood

This Terrys Creek walk goes from Mobbs Lane Reserve in Carlingford/ Epping to David Hamilton Reserve in Eastwood. Mobbs Lane Reserve is on Mobbs Lane, just opposite Fred Spurway Reserve and there is on-site parking. David Hamilton Reserve is best accessed from Holway Street in Eastwood.

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