If you are looking for something new to do with your kids, here are the 15 latest stand out new parks, scooter/ bike tracks, playground upgrades, cafes and play areas in the greater Parramatta area and Western Sydney. The list starts with the newest kid on the block and goes backwards in time. We will keep updating this article as new, fun things for families open. Plus, scroll down to the bottom for a list of all the exciting new things COMING SOON!

1Upgraded Playground – Pinetree Park | Carlingford

Address: 2z Pinetree Drive, Carlingford | Summary: The new playground at Pinetree Park opened in September 2018 and we are happy to report that there is a new and improved digger. There is a great amount of natural shade in the afternoon and still lots of grassed area to play on.  | More Info |

2Upgraded Playground – Rainbow Farm Reserve | Carlingford

Address: Coral Tree Drive, Carlingford | Summary: The new playground at Rainbow Farm Reserve opened in September 2018 and has some different and interesting play equipment. It is set up in the middle of the reserve with lots of open grassed areas to play on before reaching the road.  | More Info |

3Upgraded Playground – Winjoy Reserve | Dundas

Address: Calder Road, Dundas | Summary: After a long wait, this cute train themed playground near Dundas Station has finally opened. Little train lovers will really enjoy this small playground and there is some climbing equipment for the more adventurous young climbers. Unfortunately there are no toilets nearby but it is just behind a series of shops at the Dundas Village. | More Info |

4Upgraded Playground – Hunts Creek Reserve East | Carlingford

Address: Lesley Avenue, Carlingford | Summary: The small playground at Hunts Creek Reserve East has received a much needed upgrade. It now has a boat and native animals, plus swings for young kids to enjoy. This playground is a great place to begin your walk to Balaka Falls. | More Info |

5New Playground – Lindisfame Reserve | Carlingford

Address: Lime Grove, Carlingford | Summary: Young climbers will have fun at the new playground in Lindisfarne Reserve that opened mid August 2018. | More Info |

6Upgraded Playground – Lynbrae Avenue Reserve | Beecroft

Address: 11 Lynbrae Avenue, Beecroft | Summary: Tucked in near the M2, and just up the road from North Carlingford shops, is a brand new playground at Lynbrae Avenue Reserve. It’s a small playground, best suited to preschoolers. | More Info |

7Upgraded Playground – Cumberland Park | Newington

Address: Cumberland Square, Newington | Summary: Not far from Newington Marketplace is a new small playground. It has plenty of natural shade and a nice combination of nature based play elements with traditional ones. | More Info |

8New Regional Inclusive Playground – Governor Phillip Park | Windsor

Address: George Street, Windsor | Summary: We love going on day trips to the Hawkesbury area and are excited to now have this new fenced inclusive playground to stop at. The history of Windsor is beautifully reflected in the design and it has lovely views out over the Hawkesbury River. There is a water playground, in-ground trampolines and lots of nature based play elements. | More Info |

9New Street Libraries in the City of Parramatta

New street library at Dunmore St Epping

Address: various, see map | Summary: Thanks to Liveable Parramatta, 10 City of Parramatta residents were recently granted a street library from Street Library Australia. And they are now starting to be installed, like the Snoopy Street Library in Epping. | More Info |

10New Playground – Slidey Park, The Gables Box Hill

Address: corner of Fontana Drive and Ironstone Parkway | Summary: A bit out of area, but this new playground, in the large The Gables residential development in Box Hill, has the coolest piece of play equipment – a carousel! | More Info |

11New Play Area – Top Ryde City Shopping Centre

Address: Corner Devlin Street and Blaxland Road, Ryde | Summary: Yay – Top Ryde City Shopping Centre is re-opening its baby play area (after sometime and an upgrade) on 2nd July 2018. It’s behind the escalators, near the main play area and parents room. | More Info |

12New Scooter/ Bike Track – Centenary of Anzac Reserve, Kellyville

Address: Wrights Rd, Castle Hill | Summary: Across the road from Kellyville Village shopping centre (with the yummy The Local Trade and fenced play area), is a new scooter/ bike track at Centenary of Anzac Reserve. It is a medium sized dinky track with roundabouts, road signs and parking bay. Nearby is a small fenced playground, a large Community Centre and toilets. | More Info |

13New Crocs Playcentre | Castle Hill

Address: Hudson Ave, Castle Hill (next to Flip Out) | More Info |

14New Scooter/ Bike Track – Crestwood Reserve | Baulkham Hills

Address: Chanel Lane, Baulkham Hills | Summary: Opening in June 2018, this brand new, large learn to ride track is at the southern end of Crestwood Reserve. It has roundabouts, parking bay, zebra crossings and road signs. And goes around a small playground. There is another larger playground at the park, plus netball courts, tennis courts, dog-off leash fenced area, on-site parking, BBQs, picnic tables and toilets. | More Info |

15Updated Play Area – Stanhope Village | Stanhope Gardens

Photo credit: Stanhope Village

Address: 2 Sentry Dr, Stanhope Gardens | Summary: The indoor play area at Stanhope Village Shopping Centre has gotten a make over, but is still as cute as ever. And remember, there is a great farm themed outdoor, covered play area as well right near two cafes. | More Info |

Coming Soon!

Here are the ‘new’ things for families that we know are opening/ happening over the coming year, in alphabetical order.

Playground Upgrades to be Completed Soon

Construction has already commenced for these playground upgrades and they should be finished in the next month or so, depending on the size of the project.

Other Playground Upgrades Scheduled for 2018/19