You may have noticed that we spend a fair bit of time in the Ryde area, which is just east of the City of Parramatta. That’s because amongst the ParraParents team we grew up there, work there, run a playgroup there, live near there or now live there. And we regularly enjoy visiting the family friendly libraries, cafes and shopping centres that the area has to offer. So it’s no wonder that we also spend a lot of time enjoying Ryde playgrounds!

BBQ dinners
Kissing Point Park overlooking Parramatta River

It can though be a little difficult to find information on the best Ryde playgrounds. While the City of Ryde Council website is a great start (and a LOT better then Parramatta Councils*), it still doesn’t have all the info we usually want before heading off to try a ‘new’ playground. So here is a list of our top 25 Ryde playgrounds, divided into three groups:

  1. Popular favourites
  2. Hidden Gems
  3. New Playgrounds

Google Map of our Top 25 Ryde Playgrounds

See where our top Ryde playgrounds are, age range best suited to and whether they are fenced or open playgrounds in this handy Google Map.

* City of Ryde Council even have a Children’s Play Implementation Plan that we have a BIG crush on and we are pushing for something similar to be developed in the City of Parramatta!

Popular Favourites

1Livvi’s Place Ryde, Yamble Reserve

The jewel in the crown when it comes to Ryde playgrounds definitely has to be Livvi’s Place at Yamble Reserve! It opened in 2013, in partnership with the wonderful Touched by Olivia Foundation. While in need of a little TLC and a cafe, it is still a wonderful, inclusive, fenced playground.

2Ryde Park, Ryde

With the Grounds Keeper Cafe right next to the playground, it is not hard to see why Ryde Park is a favourite amongst locals and regularly visited by other families across Sydney. It also has a new scooter track, lovely gardens and is regularly used as the location for family portraits.

  • Key features: cafe, large park with lovely gardens, new scooter track, close to Top Ryde City Shopping Centre and Ryde Library, softfall ground, toilets.
  • Playground best suited to: 1.5-8yrs
  • Keep in mind: lots of paths for little ones to wander off on and garden beds to hide in, only natural shade over the playground at certain times, no clear line of sight from the cafe to the playground next door, parking can be difficult so it can be worth parking at Top Ryde City Shopping Centre and walking down.
  • Playground size: small to meduium
  • Address: Argyle Ave, Ryde
  • More details

3Lions Park, West Ryde

This great playground at Lions Park on Victoria Road is easy to miss as you drive by. It is just over 8kms east of Parramatta CBD and the sand pit and scooter track are worth the drive for a play.

  • Key features: scooter/ bike track with petrol station, shaded sand pit with digger and sand play equipment, bbqs, 7 swings, basketball court, toilets, on-site parking.
  • Playground best suited to: 1.5-8yrs
  • Keep in mind: most of the playground has no shade in the morning, sometimes the digger can’t reach the sand (if the sand pit needs topping up).
  • Playground size: medium
  • Address: 1141 Victoria Rd, West Ryde – car entry via Shaftsbury Road.
  • More details

4Putney Park, Putney

We love Putney Park, with its free and the shallow pools and picnic facilities all wrapped up in a lovely spot along Parramatta River.

  • Key features: three playgrounds (including toddler pools, two giant slides), bbqs, water views, toilets, on-site parking, Putney Punt, open grasses areas.
  • Playground best suited to: 2-10yrs
  • Keep in mind: very popular on weekends in summer, slide near pools has a sharp bend and is very slippery when wet, pool toys can be sucked down the water filtration system, waters edge is open to the river.
  • Playground size: large
  • Address: Pellisier Rd, Putney
  • More details

5Blenheim Park, North Ryde

Blenheim Park is a great multi-use regional park, with lots of space and facilities for a fun family day out.

  • Key features: multiple play areas, bike/ scooter track, some shade, bbqs, toilets, fenced dog off leash area, remote control car track, bush setting, on-site parking.
  • Playground best suited to: 2-10yrs
  • Keep in mind: very popular park on the weekends, no line of sight to all the play areas, fenced dog off leash area is very popular.
  • Playground size: large
  • Address: 16 Blenheim Rd, North Ryde
  • More details

Kissing Point Park is a gorgeous spot along Parramatta River and has great water views. The playground has a softfall ground and mix of play equipment, including a digger. We love having a bbq dinner here on a warm summer’s evening.

  • Key features: water views, sand pit, softfall under play equipment, bbqs, toilets, picnic shelters, on-site parking, close to ferry wharf.
  • Playground best suited to: 2-8yrs
  • Keep in mind: playground is close to the waterfront walkway, no clear line of sight from BBQs to the playground.
  • Playground size: medium
  • Address: Waterview Street, Putney
  • More details

7Memorial Park, Meadowbank

Overlooking Parramatta River, Memorial Park is perfect for a family bbq or picnic. The nature based playground is ideal on a warm spring or autumn day, and in winter if you can avoid the water pump!

  • Key features: nature based play equipment, water pump, bbqs overlooking playground, picnic shelters, toilets, close to Meadowbank train station and wharf, along Parramatta River.
  • Playground best suited to: 3-8yrs
  • Keep in mind: only natural shade at certain times, playground is split over two levels, top of the playground isn’t set that far back from the road, you can’t see the river from the playground, toilets are in the opposite corner of the park from the playground, there is a toddler climbing play gym but most of the equipment is for confident climbers.
  • Playground size: medium
  • Address: Meadow Crescent, Meadowbank
  • More details

8Fontenoy Park, Macquarie Park

Nestled in the streets behind Macquarie Centre, Fontenoy Park is a welcome green oasis amongst the medium-high density townhouse and apartment complexes. It has a large sports field and two playgrounds, plus a recently upgraded amenities block.

  • Key features: two playgrounds catering to toddlers through to primary-school aged children, shade sail over playground for young kids, sports field, bbq, on-site parking, close to Macquarie Centre.
  • Playground best suited to2-8yrs
  • Keep in mind: Little natural shade, shade sail doesn’t cover all play equipment
  • Playground size: medium
  • Address: 52 Fontenoy Rd, Macquarie Park
  • More details

9Monash Park, Gladesville

The fenced playground at Monash Park packs a punch, with a great range of different types of play equipment for toddlers and preschoolers.

  • Key features: fenced, shade sail, in-ground trampolines, colourful play equipment, picnic table within fence, toilets, cafes around the corner, nearby to Ryde Aquatic Centre.
  • Playground best suited to: 2-5yrs
  • Keep in mind: playground is located near a busy road, toilets are a bit of a walk away, shade sail doesn’t cover all the play equipment.
  • Playground size: small to medium
  • Address: Ryde Road, Gladesville
  • More details

10Waterloo Park, Marsfield

Waterloo Park has a leafy setting, with natural shade and wide open spaces.  There’s a variety of play and recreation options, which means there’s something for all members of the family. It’s no wonder it’s a local favourite!

  • Key features: two play areas, fitness stations, basketball court, sports field, bbqs, picnic shelters, toilets, on-site parking, close to Trafalgar Place shops.
  • Playground best suited to: 1-10yrs
  • Keep in mind: A path separates the two play areas so watch out for cyclists whizzing past, Trafalgar Reserve across the road has play equipment suited to older kids if they need more challenges.
  • Playground size: medium
  • Address: Waterloo Road, Marsfield
  • More details

11North Ryde Park, North Ryde

It’s rare to find a neighbourhood-sized park with a variety of equipment catering to the 6 years plus age group that challenges their climbing abilities. But North Ryde Park offers exactly that, plus great shade under shade sails.

  • Key features: shade sails, climbing equipment to challenge primary school ages kids, bbqs, covered picnic tables, softfall ground, toilets, path to ride on, sports field.
  • Playground best suited to: 6-12yrs
  • Toilets are about 50m away from the playground but no baby change table, some play equipment for younger kids to enjoy while their older siblings climb.
  • Playground size: medium
  • Address: 145 Cressy Rd, North Ryde
  • More details

Located in a lovely spot along Parramatta River, by Ryde Bridge, Anderson Park has a shaded playground good for little ones and great picnic facilities.

  • Key features: boat climbing play gym, mini rope climbing tower, water views, along Parramatta River walkway, toilets, bbqs, picnic shelters, on-site parking, walking distance from Meadowbank wharf.
  • Playground best suited: 2-6yrs
  • Keep in mind: playground is near to a busy road, parking can be difficult to find, Parramatta River foreshore is closeby, the river cycleway/ walkway runs right passed playground.
  • Playground size: small to medium
  • Address: Belmore Street, Ryde – parking off Rothesay Ave
  • More details

Hidden Gems

13Banjo Paterson Park, Gladesville

Banjo Paterson Park definitely has a LOT to offer families, with plenty of picnic spots and facilities, walking paths along the river and an awesome playground.

  • Key features: gorgeous spot along Parramatta River, Banjo Paterson inspired play elements, shade sail, picnic tables, bbqs, toilets, on-site parking, bush setting.
  • Playground best suited to: 2-8yrs
  • Keep in mind: you need to get there early on the weekend for a picnic table, shade sail only covers some of the play equipment, no good natural shade until the afternoon, metal slide gets hot in the sun.
  • Playground size: medium
  • Address: Punt Road, Gladesville
  • More details

Shaded, fun playground with a community orchard….we think this combo at Charity Creek Cascade is a winning one and we hope to see more like it!

  • Key features: shade sails, community orchard, herb gardens, path to ride on, softfall ground.
  • Playground best suited to: 2-6yrs
  • Keep in mind: no toilets, while there is a fence along the road it isn’t gated, seating is outside the shade sails, the reserve cuts across three roads.
  • Playground size: small to medium
  • Address: 33 Shepherd St, Ryde
  • More details

15Dunbar Park, Marsfield

Dunbar Park is best known as the home of Little Athletics Ryde. But there is also a great, somewhat new, nature based playground nestled under trees in the back corner.

  • Key features: lots of things to climb and balance on, nature based play, bush setting, sports field, toilets, bbqs.
  • Playground best suited to: 4-10yrs
  • Keep in mind: toilets are on the other side of the park, good natural shade over most of the equipment.
  • Playground size: small to medium
  • Address: Cherry Circuit, Marsfield
  • More details

16Heatley Reserve, East Ryde

This fenced playground is a little hidden gem and particularly great when you have two or more little ones! And as an added bonus there is a yummy cafe a minutes walk away.

  • Key features: fenced, shade sail, softfall ground, low level play equipment, cafe a very short walk away.
  • Playground best suited to: 1-4yrs
  • Keep in mind: no shade over the swings, bubbler is a bit temperamental.
  • Playground size: small
  • Address: 2 Sager Place, East Ryde
  • More details

17Darvall Park, Denistone

Running from Eastwood down to West Ryde, Darvall Park is a long, peaceful bush reserve with two playgrounds, kid friendly bushwalks, picnic facilities and a dog off the leash area. And it is easily accessed from Denistone train station.

  • Key features: shade sail, two playgrounds, bush setting, path to ride on, oval, bushwalks, toilets, bbqs, covered picnic tables.
  • Playground best suited to: 2-6yrs
  • Keep in mind: lower part of Darvall Park is a dog off leash area, no fence but playground set down from road, second playground is old and going to be removed (we believe).
  • Playground size: medium
  • Address: Chatham Road, Denistone
  • More details

Playgrounds with climbing structures suitable for new walkers are few and far between. Granny Smith Memorial Park hosts an excellent playground that the smallest of toddlers can enjoy as well as keeping bigger kids happy too!

  • Key features:  low level play equipment, apple themed equipment, swings, rope climbing structure, great park to enjoy autumn leaves, wide open grass area.
  • Playground best suited to: 1.5-8yrs
  • Keep in mind: playground has a bark ground, no toilets nearby, minimal natural shade over play equipment.
  • Playground size: medium
  • Address: Threlfall St, Eastwood
  • More details

19Lardelli Park, Putney Hill

Just around from Putney shops, hidden in the Putney Hill residential development, is Lardelli Park. There you will find a large pond with ducks and fun shaded playground that is great for preschoolers and primary school aged kids.

  • Key features: pond with ducks, shade sail, sand pit with digger, cafes nearby, covered picnic tables, toilets.
  • Playground bsuited to to: 3-8yrs
  • Keep in mind: only shade over some parts of the playground, close to duck pond, top part of playground is close to a road.
  • Playground size: small to medium
  • Address: 18 Bennelong Way, Ryde
  • More details

20Lachlan’s Line Park, Macquarie Park

When Lachlan’s Line Park was being built back in 2017, you could see it from Epping Road. Now as the masterplan development goes up around it, it’s tucked away and somewhat forgotten about but still an impressive smallish playground.

  • Key features: skate park, water pump, BBQs, toilets, picnic shelters, grassed area.
  • Playground best suited to: 3-8yrs
  • Keep in mind: The wooden ‘roof’ over the picnic area isn’t closed so not good in the rain.
  • Playground size: small to medium
  • Address: Jarvis Circuit, Macquarie Park

21Mulhall Park, West Chatswood

The main attraction at this lovely, new playground is definitely the tandem swing. It’s a great way to save your arms from pushing and pushing and pushing….or for your kids to swing with each other!

  • Key features: tandem swing, nature based play elements, artwork, close to Lane Cove National Park.
  • Playground best suited to: 2-6yrs
  • Keep in mind: playground is near the road with no fence, shade sails were to be installed late 2017, no toilets.
  • Playground size: small
  • Address: River Ave, Chatswood West
  • More details

New Playgrounds

22Anzac Park, West Ryde (April 2020)

23ELS Hall Park, North Ryde (September 2018)

This large new nature inspired playground has a great mix of play equipment for a range of ages. Plus both natural and sail shade and picnic facilities. It’s next to the YMCA Ryde and not far from The Ranch Hotel and Macquarie Centre.

  • Key features: water play area with pump and channels, shaded toddler climbing play gym, stone egg pods, flying fox, tall mound slides, swings, bush setting.
  • Playground best suited to: 2-10yrs
  • Keep in mind: the toilets are in the YMCA Ryde building about 100m away from the playground, there’s a fenced dog off leash area near the playground and while there is some shade it does get very hot on a sunny summers day.
  • Playground size: large
  • Address: Kent Road, North Ryde
  • More Info

24Elouera Reserve, Macquarie Park (Start 2018)

If you are heading to Macquarie Centre or the University with your kids, then allow some extra time and take them over to the newly upgraded Elouera Reserve. It’s just across the road and they are bound to have a blooming good time!

  • Key features: flower bud climbing structure, nature based play elements, large slides, hammock, flying fox, in-ground trampolines, bbqs, covered picnic tables, close to Macquarie Centre.
  • Playground best suited to: 3-10yrs
  • Keep in mind: minimal shade so best to go on a overcast or cool day, the slides are near the busy Waterloo Road with no fence, no toilets but Macquarie Centre is across the road.
  • Playground size: medium
  • Address: 84 Waterloo Rd, Macquarie Park
  • More details

25Tuckwell Park, Macquarie Park (Mid 2017)

The playground in Tuckwell Park has loads of climbing and sliding fun! Close to a cafe for coffee and close enough to a shopping centre to use it as a reward (or bribe) for good behaviour, this park is definitely a winner!

  • Key features: fun climbing structures, path for riding on, basketball court, large oval, toilet block, close to Eden Gardens.
  • Playground best suited to: 2-8yrs
  • Keep in mind: fence blocking access to Lane Cove Road but it doesn’t block access to the car park, no baby change table in the toilets.
  • Playground size: medium
  • Address: Fontenoy Rd, Macquarie Park
  • More details

Other Ryde Playgrounds

Jim Walsh Park
Jim Walsh Park

The top Ryde playgrounds list has been a long time in the making, with plenty of debate about which ones to include…it did start off as a top 20 list! Thank you to all the mums who have helped with this list, in big and small ways, through the Parramatta District Mums Facebook group and the Cool Mums of Ryde District Facebook group.

The ParraParents team have played at all the regional, district and neighbourhood size playgrounds in the City of Ryde, plus some of the smaller local ones. A few playgrounds just missed the cut, like Melrose Park playgroundJim Walsh Park, Lynelle Park, Hardy Park and Pioneer Park. But you can see our full, growing list of playground reviews for the Ryde area here.

Have we missed your favourite Ryde playground? Please let us know!