Trafalgar Reserve – Neighbourhood Playground | Marsfield

Don't overlook Trafalgar Reserve. It may not be flashy and new, but it still has plenty to offer families looking for a quiet "old school" neighbourhood park to enjoy with older children.

Trafalgar Reserve

Trafalgar ReserveIt’s easy to overlook the older Trafalgar Reserve for the flashy, upgraded Waterloo Park across the road. But Trafalgar Reserve still has much to offer, especially for children aged 4-10 years.  It is just steps away from Waterloo Park and is serviced by the same amenities including shops, off-street parking and toilets either at Waterloo Park or Marsfield Community Centre.

If it weren’t for the stiff competition across the road, Trafalgar Reserve would be considered by most as a good local neighbourhood park.  Older children will enjoy it as a fun stand-alone outing because of the variety of equipment and challenges on offer. It can also serve as bonus play time if you exhaust all the options at Waterloo Park and still have energy to burn.

Play Equipment

Trafalgar Reserve has the following equipment:

  • climbing structure with wooden bridge
  • slide
  • chain climbing ladder
  • chain wobbly bridge
  • small flying fox
  • two swings
  • spring rocker

Other Things to Note

Like many City of Ryde playgrounds, Trafalgar Reserve has bark chips as ground cover. Trees provide natural shade and there is a path running along one side of the park. This path is mainly used as a pedestrian walkway but could easily be shared by scooters and bikes.  The grassed area has space to run or for a game of tip.  Trafalgar Reserve is on the corner of Trafalgar Place and Waterloo Road so you’ll need to keep an eye on younger children and “runners”.

Overall, Trafalgar Reserve could do with a freshen up. The paint is starting to wear off some poles and the wooden seats need replacing. As it’s aimed towards older children, it would be helpful if the swings were positioned a bit higher from the ground so longer legs have better clearance and shoes don’t get quite so dirty scuffing the bark chips.

Getting There

Trafalgar Reserve is located on the corner of Trafalgar Place and Waterloo Road.  It is situated next to the Trafalgar Place shops and is down the road from Macquarie University (Sport & Aquatic Centre entrance). The M41 bus from Macquarie Centre stops at Macquarie University Village, right across from the neighbouring Waterloo Park.

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  1. How to o go about booking the reserve. I am a personal trainer. Insurances etc up to date. Oh at what is the cost. And what times are you allowed. Many thanks deb.