Twickenham Avenue ReserveMy preschoolers just LOVE scootering so I have been on the look out for some more fun dinky tracks – purpose built, fun scooter and bike tracks that have road markings and signs. I heard about a new learn to ride track in Kellyville a few months ago but was waiting for a free, not so warm day to visit. We finally visited in autumn and the new track at Twickenham Avenue Reserve got two BIG thumbs up from my kids!

Arriving at Twickenham Avenue Reserve, you feel like the playground has been built in the middle of nowhere. There are houses still being built on one side and at one the end of the reserve are paddocks with horses. Plus half the reserve is a grassed area and has a vacant lot feel to it with no trees. While Twickenham Avenue Reserve is only 6 months old, it didn’t feel as new as you would expect. Mainly due to the grass needing a mow and the garden beds a weed. Hopefully Council was coming through soon – and I did help out with a little weeding while the kids played….the gardener in me 🙂

Scooter and Bike Track

The main attraction is definitely the learn to ride track, complete with a round about, petrol pump, pedestrian crossing and road signs.

Twickenham Avenue Reserve Kellyville

The path is wide enough for scooters, bikes and trikes. And there are a few benches for parents to sit on. But be warned, there is very little natural shade over this area, particularly in the afternoon.

Twickenham Avenue Reserve Kellyville

There is also another bike and scooter track around the play equipment, on the other side of the line of trees. This track has a LOT more natural shade, with longer paths but less bells and whistles.

Twickenham Avenue Reserve Kellyville

Play Equipment

In addition to the two scooter and bike tracks, there is also some fun play equipment at Twickenham Avenue Reserve. The ground is a mixture of synthetic grass and bark and there was some natural shade when we visited in the afternoon.

Twickenham Avenue Reserve Kellyville

The stand out piece of play equipment is the triple spinning swing, which I have never seen before! My two boys and I all jumped on and had a spin and swing with me pushing off the ground. And once it got going, it sort of keeps going without much effort!

There are also three other swings, including one a birds nest seat that can fit a few kids in, but no toddler swing.

Twickenham Avenue Reserve Kellyville

And there is a colourful climbing play gym, with two slides, ramps, climbing steps and a shop.

Other Facilities

Next to the play equipment is a picnic shelter with two picnic tables and a bike track. There is also a water re-fill station with a dog bowl that my kids had fun playing with.

Twickenham Avenue Reserve Kellyville

Finding Twickenham Avenue Reserve

Twickenham Avenue Reserve is just over 16km north of Parramatta, up Windsor Road. There is street parking, though park close to the kerb as the streets felt narrow and I watched a truck narrowly squeezing by my car.

Places of Interest Nearby

We don’t often visit Kellyville but made a day of it going for lunch at The Local Trade in Kellyville Plaza and enjoying a side play at the fenced playground right next to the outdoor seating there. Then we visited Twichenham Ave Reserve, before heading to Livvi’s Place at Bernie Mullane Reserve for a splash in the water playground. Some of the other things nearby are: