When we recently visited Valencia Park in Toongabbie, we all squealed with delight! There’s so much to look and and do! Plus there’s beautiful natural shade over most of the playground.

Valencia Park Toongabbie

Valencia Park in Toongabbie re-opened in October 2017 after it was given a $135,000 upgrade. It’s great to see that they’d kept an older picnic table that was still good but also added a metal picnic table so there are more facilities overall. I think that’s clever and a good use of resources!

The medium-sized playground at Valencia Park in Toongabbie has six different sections:

  1. Swing area with a toddler swing, and two regular swings. There’s also a spinner and rocker nearby.
  2. Toddler play equipment with a small slide, rope climbing, small rock climbing wall, and even small stairs for those who can’t yet manage to climb up.
  3. Larger ropes course play equipment with an inbuilt hammock (with a lovely piece of rubber to lie on, not the horrible bits of rope), a log that can be ridden like a bull, spiders web, and other ropes to climb.
  4. Nature-based play, including an imagination play corner, recycled timber logs to sit and balance on, as well as large sandstone blocks to climb over the hill near the big slide.
  5. The big slide built into the hill. And… wow! You can get some speed up on this slide!
  6. A big grassy area that’s on a small slope.

Most of the playground has a bark ground. But there is rubber soft-fall in the toddler play area and lots of grass to run around on. Next to the playground there are some seats, two picnic tables, bubbler and bin.

In terms of access, there’s a concrete ramp for prams. But no other hard surfaced paths around the playground, just all grass or bark.

Valencia Park Toongabbie


A nice surprise at Valencia Park is seeing all the birds that visit or live there. My son loves watching birds so this was another highlight. We saw many galahs, a few Australian minors, an ibis, and magpies. We never felt the birds were encroaching on us though. They just added to the experience and it was lovely to lie on the playground hammock with my little one and point at the birds in the trees.

Valencia Park Toongabbie

Finding Valencia Park

Valencia Park is located in Toongabbie. It’s surrounded by Valencia Crescent, Valparaiso Avenue, and Quebec Street. I would suggest that the best parking for the playground is opposite my 23 Valencia Crescent, Toongabbie.

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