Vineyard Creek ReserveVineyard Creek Reserve sits between Kissing Point Road, The Oatlands Golf club, Walter Brown Park and the Dundas to Telopea train line. The reserve gained its name as the area was known in the 1800’s as ‘The Vineyard’ and contained over 900 vines.

There is no signage about the walking trails within Vineyard Creek Reserve. But you are within 200 metres of a road at all times. So you will be able to find your bearings again pretty quickly if need be.

Once on the walk though, it’s hard to believe you are so close to the outside world. The trees have formed a leafy canopy over the walking trails. There are rocks to climb, bridges to cross and sticks to draw in the dirt.

As you are walking through the leaf litter, you will hear birds chirping and insects buzzing. There is a waterfall the near Robert Street entrance. And north west of the waterfall is a water reservoir.

Bushwalks in Vineyard Creek Reserve

There is one main track going from Greens Ave in Oatlands, down to Kissing Point Road in Dundas and up to Wesley Street in Telopea. In total it is about 2.5kms. You can enter the walk at five main spots and there are a number of side walks along the way. There is a playground at the beginning and end (Fred Robertson ParkWalter Brown Park and Elizabeth Macarthur Reserve). As well as one (William Wade Park) just outside the reserve about mid way.

Here is a map of the walking track by City of Parramatta Council from their Bushwalks of Parramatta brochure.

Vineyard Creek Reserve

Below is a Google Map we have created that shows the main entry points and places of interest nearby.

Bushwalk 1: Robert Street to Walter Brown Park (just over 1km)

Our favourite circuit involves entering from Robert street.

At the first fork 50 metres in we turn left and go have a look at the nearby waterfall. We double back and follow the trail that takes you along dirt before passing some very large rocks. Next it takes you into a gully where you cross rocks (or a stream if it’s been raining). There are stairs leading up to the reservoir. We often stop to see some birds out on the water. Heading left you go up a nice rocky path and out through bushland to Robert Street, just 100 metres from Walter Brown Park. Depending on how often we stop and how close we go to Walter Brown Park, it takes about 30-60 minutes with two young children.

Bushwalk 2: Kissing Point Road, Dundas to Robert Street, Telopea (just over 1km)

When doing this walk, we normally have a little play first at Fred Robertson Park and grab a hot drink from the Bells Road Social cafe. We then set off up Kissing Point Road until we reach the main entrance to the Vineyard Creek Reserve walk.

This walk mostly follows the creek and can be done in about 60mins with little ones. You can catch the train back to Dundas from Telopea station if the kids aren’t up to walking back the way you came. And while at Telopea, we recommend a pit stop at the Courtyard Dining and Espresso Cafe and Elizabeth Macarthur Reserve.

You can also take a little detour on this walk to William Wade Park for a play in the cute, nautical themed playground there. It is great for kids 0-4yrs. It is about 600m from the start of this walk at Kissing Point Road to the William Wade Park playground.

There are lots of side paths from the main walking track but we are yet to explore these.


Vineyard Creek Reserve doesn’t have toilets or picnic tables – it would be great to see these added at some stage.

Dog walkers must have dogs on a lead as a requirement of entry. This is particularly important because of the current fox baiting program. I’ve never seen a fox! I have seen quite a few dogs that aren’t on leads!

Places of Interest Nearby

Important Points

There are a number of risks associated with bushwalking. The bushwalks in Vineyard Creek Reserve are relatively easy, though there are creek crossings and rocks to climb over. Please ensure you:

  • wear appropriate footwear
  • bring adequate drinking water
  • let someone know where you are going

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