Wangal Reserve juts out into Parramatta River, overlooking Putney, Kissing Point and Concord. It has always been a lovely spot to enjoy the river.

But after a recent $1.7m upgrade, well let’s say its now pretty awesome. And definitely our favourite playground along Parramatta River!

Wangal Reserve Mortlake

You see, we love nature based playgrounds. And the new one at Wangal Reserve is a beauty… it’s like Berry Island Reserve, but closer, bigger and better!

The play equipment is made of beautiful timber, there’s water and sand play, musical instruments, balancing logs and stepping pads… even some dinosaur eggs! As well as the usual swings, slide and merry-go-round.

It’s definitely a great mix of play equipment for young kids.

The main playground is set down at the bottom of the slope from the road, overlooking the river. There’s stairs as well as ramp access.

It’s in between two rows of trees, one on the eastern side and the other on the western side. And they provide some natural shade. But it’s still not going to be a playground to visit in the middle of a hot summer’s day.

Wangal Reserve Mortlake

City of Canada Bay Council has actually put up signs reminding us to check how hot the play equipment is before playing.

The water and sand play area was a particular hit with my boys. There’s two water pumps, along a ‘dry’ creek, with a bridge and water stoppers. Plus a raised sand table to play in and of course lots of sand.

The flying fox and climbing giant shell are separate from the main playground, at the northern end of the park. My boys and other children thoroughly enjoyed them as well.

Not a bad spot to be flying and climbing along!

There’s a large picnic shelter and BBQs right next to the main playground. As well as a smaller one on the other side of the park, closer to the flying fox.

The toilets are in the middle of the park, near the entrance.

Wangal Reserve Mortlake

And how cute is the water refill station, near the picnic shelter and playground!

Keep in mind that the up and downside of Wangal Reserve is its location. While a gorgeous spot, it’s not the easiest park to visit (unless you live within walking distance) as parking is limited. And being close to the river, you’ll need to keep an eye on little wanderers!

Wangal Reserve Mortlake
Path between the main playground and the flying fox and beach area

But all up, we love this new play space for families along Parramatta River.

And the kids are already asking to go back, which is always a great sign (hopefully on a sunny day so I can get better photos)!

Finding Wangal Reserve

Wangal Reserve is about 15kms east of Parramatta, at the end of Hilly Street in Mortlake. It’s just near the Mortlake Car Ferry.

There’s only a few car spots in front of the park and then very limited street parking nearby. If you drive there, you may need to park on the surrounding streets further away and walk down.

Putney Punt Mortlake Ferry Parramatta River
Putney Punt (free car ferry in between Mortlake and Putney)

Alternatively, visit when the Putney Punt is operating and park at the southern end of Putney Park and then get the free car ferry across to the Mortlake side. Pedestrians are allowed to travel on it as well. Keep in mind, it only runs early mornings and late afternoons on weekdays and then throughout the day on weekends and public holidays.

Or, you can also catch the 464 bus to Mortlake from Burwood Station.

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