West Epping ParkThere is a LOT to love about West Epping Park. Like the different play spaces for toddlers and older kids (particularly the 8-14yr old kids), mix of play equipment, range of colours and textures, picnic shelters, bbqs, toilets (though temporary at the moment) and on-site parking. Plus the BIG slide is a lot of fun!

And now it also boasts shade sails over the toddler play area and the small metal slide.

West Epping Park Epping

We had thought another shade sail was going in over the other two metal mound slides but waiting to find out if this is still the case.

There are also lot of new trees planted around the playgrounds that are growing fast. And should provide additional shade in a few years.

West Epping Park

But for now, apart from the toddler play area, the playground is best visited on cooler, cloudy days.

A memorable moment from our first visit back in March was definitely climbing the rope tower with my Mr 3 so he (and I) could go down the big slide. (can’t say I have repeated it though on other visits!)

West Epping Park

The climb is not for the faint hearted or little ones. And made more challenging if there are lots of other kids climbing at the same time. But the upside is I got to slide down the biggest slide (be warned there is a near vertical drop at the end!) and enjoy the view from the top.

I definitely feel a little like Goldilocks enjoying all four slides, that range in size from very big to small.

West Epping Park
3 mound slides

Different Play Areas at West Epping Park

West Epping Park has roughly five different play areas.

1Slides, Climbing and Swings

Main play area is what you first see when you walk down the stairs from the Dent Street on-site parking. There are four slides (of varying sizes), rope climbing tower, disc spinner, large birds nest swing and ropes to help scale the mound. This equipment is best suited to kids 4-12yrs. And before you ask, we have it on good authority that bark/ wood chip is the most shock absorbing ground type. So it’s good to see it under the high tower!

Then to the side, there are three more swings and lots of connecting paths to ride on.

2Toddler Playground

Baby swing in toddler area (before shade sails went in)

Toddler area is away from the other areas and has a soft fall ground. The play equipment is colour and low. There is a baby bucket swing (yay!), train like climbing play gym, merry-go-round and musical instruments. And it now has a shade sail!

West Epping Park

3Skate Park

Street skate area

The skate area is in between the main play area and the basketball court and provides a few ramps.


Basketball court is near the YMCA Epping.

5Games Area

Public plaza, or games area as I like to call it, has two table tennis tables here (byo paddles and ping-pongs), plus a number of covered picnic tables.

Other Facilities

Aside from the playgrounds, the new synthetic sport fields are a key feature of West Epping Park. And there are also cricket nets, plus tennis courts on the lower level.

Between the play spaces and the sports fields, are two picnic shelters and a dual bbq. And there are the covered picnic tables along the plaza strip, which will provide some relief from the sun.

Unfortunately the amenities block is still to be built. Work will hopefully begin soon on it. And in the meantime, temporary toilets have been installed near the Dent Street carpark.

West Epping Park

And if you are after coffee or a snack, you can head to the kiosk at YMCA Epping. Their Kinder Gym classes are pretty awesome.

Plus, for lovers of mulberries…there is a large mulberry tree near the YMCA in the park.

Finding West Epping Park

There are three main entry points to the West Epping Park – from Dent/ Downing Street, Grant Close and YMCA Epping. The playgrounds are best accessed via Dent Street, where you will find on-street parking.

West Epping Park

There are ramps at the park making it wheelchair and pram friendly, once you know which way to go to not find stairs.

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