William Wade ParkVisiting William Wade Park today, I was reminded of why I joined the ParraParents team. You see I have lived near this awesome little playground for over three years and only just recently found out about it. There is no review online. And really no way to know about it unless someone told you or you accidentally drove passed it.

The reason I am so excited about this nautical themed playground is that it is great for little ones. And this seems to be rare in the area.

William Wade Park

The ground is a mixture of softfall and synthetic grass. Good for crawlers and parents knees. And as a bonus, it is blue, which is nice against the bush setting and wooden play equipment.

The play equipment is a ship, with interactive vertical panels, tunnels and portholes. And most of the equipment is at ground level. There is one set of steps, which little ones should be able to easily get up. So it is good that at the top, there are walls on the sides. The other way down, is a small slide. At the top, there are steering wheels and ‘binoculars’. Plus a talking tube that runs down to the bottom that my boys loved this. As an added nice touch, there are four compass points (N,S,E,W) marked on the group.

Next to the ship, there are two swings and some bushes my youngest loved playing in. And on the other side, there are some seats. Plus there is lots of bush to explore and a creek that runs through the park.

The only real downside to this park is that the playground is situated a few metres from the road. It is though a quiet residential street. But worth keeping in mind if your child is at the running or wandering off stage, particularly if you have more than one child.

Finding William Wade Park

William Wade Park is on the Oatlands side of Telopea, near where the road crosses the train line. The playground is accessed from Narrun Crescent, in between number 7 and 9. There is street parking. Telopea train station is 700m walk away. Or you could catch a bus that goes along Kissing Point Road and then walk about 600m to the playground.

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