Willsford Homes Playground – Fenced | Northmead

Not just your average small suburban playground.... UPDATED: 7th July 2017

Willsford Homes Playground

Willsford Homes ParkWillsford Homes Playground has four features that make it that extra bit special for a small playground. It’s fenced around the outside of the park (though the gate doesn’t always close properly). Within the fenced space, there’s a large grassed area and a path to ride on. Plus, there’s a kid friendly cafe a few minutes walk away – yay!

Willsford Homes Playground

The playground gets some natural shade and has:

  • two swings
  • climbing equipment with a bridge, slide and pretend shop
  • see saws
  • nature based play elements

There is seating around the park, some covered, and a picnic table.

Things To Do Nearby

Coffee Embassy bar
Coffee Embassy Bar

Finding Willsford Homes Playground

Willsford Homes Playground is on the corner of Kleins and Beamish Roads. Entrance to the park is on Beamish Road and you will find street parking there. The park is only a few minutes walk from James Ruse Drive and the buses that travel along there.