We have done a whole lot of the Christmas craft research on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, plus some fun testing. And have come up with 25 simple, easy to prepare and hopefully enjoyable Christmas craft activities to do with your young kids. We have tried to provide Christmas craft activities for a variety of ages, but not all craft are appropriate for all kids. Please choose ones that will suit your child’s age in terms of interest, ability and safety.

Christmas kindness painted rocks

We set ourselves a challenge a few Decembers ago to do one each day leading up to Christmas and got very close. But we didn’t get through all of the 25 listed below as my boys wanted to do some again and again. Where we have made the craft before (and remembered to take a photo), we have included a photo of our creation, along side the reference one…. we can never get them looking as good as the Pinterest version! But think its important to keep it real….

Christmas craft activities

Most of the Christmas craft activities use or re-use materials that you most likely already have around the house. A few will require a quick trip to your local discount or craft supply store. The commonly used items are: popsicle sticks, pom poms, coloured paper, glitter glue, paint, glue, pipe cleaners, paper plates, painters tape and cotton balls.

1Felt Christmas Tree

My felt tree at playgroup

This wonderful felt Christmas tree is baby and toddler friendly. It is also a lovely keepsake, plus a fun craft activity to prepare with older siblings….or by yourself. Now the reason this tree works so well is that felt sticks to felt. So the kids can put the felt decorations on and off as many times as they want.

I simply bought 1.5m of green felt from Spotlight, folded it in half length ways, marked out one side of the tree in chalk (took a few goes to get it how I wanted it) and then cut it out. When you open it, hey presto you have a felt Christmas tree.  Now all you need to do is cut out some circles for baubles, a star and rectangles/ squares for presents from coloured felt pieces, decorate them. I used glitter glue, plus hot glued sequins and other pieces of felt. Then let the kids stick them on the tree. I also got some tinsel looking ribbon and bows to stick on.

2No Bake Reindeer Biscuits

All you need are some arrowroot biscuits, Nutella (or any other chocolate spread), raspberry lollies (nose), tiny teddy biscuits (ears) and white chocolate buds and black icing pen (eyes).

The only tricky part of this craft is finding pine cones. We got some great big ones from the Fleet Street Heritage Precinct where Parramatta’s Foundation Day was held. Then you can paint the tree (or not). Once dry, give the kids a pile of pom poms to stick into the pine cone. And wa-lah!

4Christmas Painted Rocks

We LOVE painting rocks and then hiding them for other families to find. And the smiles on the kids faces when they find them are priceless! This year we are doing 24 days of rock painting and hiding as our kindness advent card. So there will be plenty to find. Just join the Parramatta Rocks group to see where. And you can get details there on how to paint your own or read our painted rocks article here.

To make these cute Christmas tree ornaments, you will need: 3 (coloured) popsicle sticks (one with a few centimetres cut from the end of it), square of brown card stock for the trunk, a star cut from glittery card stock, piece of twine, hot glue gun and scissors/ utility knife. And for decorations, you can use whatever you have on hand, such as small pom poms, sparkly pipe cleaners, jingle bells, sticker jewels, buttons and glitter.

To get started making these super easy baubles, simply set out small paper plates (with the rim cut off), a selection of colourful paper, foil, tissue paper and/or felt, plus some glue. Once the kids are done sticking paper on, just pierce a small hole into the paper plate, thread a pipe cleaner and twist securely to create a loop for hanging on the tree. Then, cover the hole with a little black square.

Just layout popsicle sticks, glue and things they can decorate the snowflakes with, like glitter glue, sequins and small pom poms. Depending on the age of your kids, you may need to help them glue three popsicle sticks together to make the snowflake and all stick or tie string on so they can be hung.

8Loose Parts Christmas Tree

Have you been saving milk bottle tops? If not, then you better get saving as this is one cool Christmas tree activity. Simply hot glue bottle caps to cardboard, then invited your little ones to decorate it using some loose bits and bobs, such as buttons, pom-poms, jewels and foam stickers. And if you want to keep it as is once they are finished, hot glue the lot!

Here is just one example of a Christmas play dough set up for the kids. Make/ buy some green play dough, make/ buy a cone and get some jewels for decorations and let the kids build their very own play dough Christmas tree.

Place plain, or rice dyed green with food colouring, in a shallow wide tub and add some sparkle with some green glitter. Then just add a whole lot of tactile Christmas bits and bobs and let the kids play.

Like the felt Christmas tree, the kids can decorate and re-decorate this tree over and over and over again. Start by making a large triangle and small rectangle with painter’s tape on a glass window or door. Cut out circles from coloured foam sheets for the ornaments. Next give the kids some water and paint brushes and let them paint the foam ornaments with water to make them stick to the window.

Cut or tear strips of paper (from magazines, kids artwork or coloured paper) in varying lengths and let the kids glue them from shortest to longest (or vice versa).

For this craft all you will need is some cardboard – an old tissue box or cereal box is perfect. Some red paint and something to paint with, a pen, glue, scissors and about 10 cotton wool balls.

Simply draw a candy cane on the cardboard, paint it and let it dry. Cut out the candy cane and then all strips of glue and stick the cotton wool down.

Start by cutting a green Christmas tree out of paper and setting it on a cork board with a pin to keep it in place. Then let your child decorate the tree using push pins and a toy hammer.

15Paint Swatch Christmas Tree Cards or Ornaments

How cool is this….you just need to take a trip to Bunnings and grab some paint sample cards for this craft activity. Now cut out triangle and let the kids decorate them. You can then either stick them to cards or attach some ribbon and hang them.

  • Struggled to find the original poster for this one. We found it on My Life and Kids.

Cut out the inner part of a white paper plate, glue a large red triangle on one edge. Glue a cotton wool ball at the top of the hat and then a line of cotton wool balls on the bottom edge. Finally glue some cotton wool balls at the bottom of the plate to create a fluffy beard.

Cut paper or cardboard into the shape of a Christmas tree. Then let the kids paint with pom poms attached to a clothes peg. Pretty simple!

When doing hand or foot painted prints with kids it is crucial to get EVERYTHING prepared before you/they start painting, including some wipes or water and a towel to wipe off the paint before they go walking around the house! Once you have a canvas and have settled on a design, paint the kids hand/ foot and help them stamp them on the canvas. Once it is dry, you can decorate them.

Simply create a large Christmas tree on the floor with painters tape. Cut out some circles and a star for ornaments and put them in a pile at the bottom of the tree.  Let the kids then balance along the trunk and branches of the tree until they find a spot to play their decoration.

20Beaded Candy Cane Ornaments

This is one of the simplest Christmas craft activities and a good use of fine motor skills. But keep in mind that the beads are small so can be a choking hazard for little ones.

All you need are some pipe cleaners and beads. Bend over one end of the pipe cleaner and thread on the beads and then shape the pipe cleaner into a candy cane.

21Finger Print Christmas Tree Cards

Aren’t these cute and they will make a lovely Christmas card for relatives. Simply draw an outline of a Christmas tree on paper and then let your kids fill it in by stamping their painted fingers onto the tree.

Cut two brown pipe cleaners into quarters and twist them into an antler shape. The kids can then stick them into a styrofoam ball. Then get them to thread the bell onto a red pipe cleaner and poke both ends into the base of the ball. Next glue on eyes, pom pom nose and some black felt shaped like a mouth. You may need to hold the ball steady while they positioned the items.

You only need five materials for this craft – green and red paint, paper, rounded dish brush and a red bow. Let the kids dip in the green paint and make a circle shape. Then let them dip a finger in the red paint and put dots on the wreath.

To make the cone, cut out a quarter of a paper plate, roll it into a cone shape and seal with tape on the inside. Now the kids can paint the cone green and once dry, glue pom poms on it.

25Egg Carton Christmas Trees

To start, cut out three egg carton sections. Let the kids then paint them green. Once they are dryish, poke a small hole at the top of each.  Cut a long piece of ribbon, thread a bell to the centre and make a knot about 3cm above the bell. THread the ribbon through the first egg section, tie a knot and then continue. Now you can let the kids decorate the tree with stickers, pom poms or glitter glue.


  1. I have another one for your list – making a beaded star ornament – we have frames and beads in store and will have a class available for children to create their own stars available in the week before Christmas – details will be on our site and facebook soon.