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Homemade Bubble Wands

Homemade Bubble WandsWe road tested five homemade bubble wands at playgroup last year and we repeated the activity again this week. And it was a BIG hit both times.

The bubble wands were so quick, easy and cheap to make using things around the house. Only one didn’t really work – even though there are lots of Pinterest pins saying otherwise. All the rest were great fun for toddlers, preschoolers and adults alike…..so that’s a BIG thumbs up for a cool at home activity.

Bubble snake wand

1Bubble Snake Wand

The best homemade bubble wand by far was the bubble snake wand. It is made by cutting the bottom off a (used) soft plastic drink bottle and attaching a sock (an old one or one that has lost its partner) over the cut hole with a rubber band. Just dip the sock end in bubble mixture and blow through the bottle top…..and an amazing snake of fine bubbles will come out the end.

Homemade bubble wandsThis wand is great for little ones as they just need to be able to blow into a bottle….best to make sure they don’t suck instead as they may end up with a mouth full of bubbles but only if it is a small bottle.

Bottle wand

2Plastic Bottle Wand

This wand produces a big single bubble with ease. It is the bubble snake wand without the sock. Just cut off the bottom of a soft plastic bottle, dip the cut end into bubble mixture and blow through the mouthpiece/ other end.

Straw wand

3Straw Bubble Wand

Simply grab some straws and hold them together with an elastic band on each end. Dip one end into bubble mixture and blow.

The straw bubble wand produces lots of small individual bubbles.

Toilet paper roll wand

4Toilet Paper Roll Bubble Wand

The last homemade wand that worked well was simply a toilet paper roll. Just dip one end into bubble mixture and blow slowly from the other end.

Like the bottle wand, it makes one big single bubble.

Pipe cleaner wand….one of the very few times it worked

5Pipe Cleaner Bubble Wand

The pipe cleaner wand was our least favourite and not one we will be doing again. iI was hard to get bubbles out and very messy….despite what all the pretty pictures on Pinterest lead you to believe!

Note: if you are doing this indoors, best to put down some towels or maybe do it in the bath….it can get very slippery.