Upcycle your Formula Tins!


If you’re like me, you have quite a few formula tins waiting to be ‘upcycled’. Why throw them out, right? They are sturdy and would be great to use as storage. Well, there are many uses for them other than storage. Here are four examples.

1Pot Plant

A few holes in the bottom, some decoration, soil and seeds and you have yourself a pot plant! Why not use them as clever gifts. Here are some instructions from the ‘Love of Family and Home’ website.


There are a few different ways to achieve this. You could use faux leather, a balloon or construction paper. Here are the instructions from ‘Wiki How’.

3Bird Feeder

If you want to attract more birds to your yard, you could always make a cute bird feeder. These instructions were meant for repurposing coffee tins however they can be applied to formula tins too.

4Piggy Bank

No fees at this bank! You could turn your old formula tins into piggy banks. ‘It happens in a blink’ has some great instructions to make these.

Hope these ideas inspire you to get crafty. Get your kids involved. There is nothing more fun than reusing and recycling. In fact, if you create a pot plant and grow some strawberries, they will go perfectly with some melted chocolate. Now I must visit my refrigerator, post-haste.