There is something very magical about Christmas lights, particularly with kids. And we are very fortunate to have some awesome local displays. Like the stunning one at 44 Camellia Street in Greystanes. Or Grasmere and Dorset Avenues in Northmead, where you can wander through some of the displays. Plus Chauvel Street in North Ryde, where almost every single house in the street is decorated and there is even an ice cream van. Definitely a great night out with the kids!

Thank you to all the lovely people who spend hours decorating their homes, and a whole lot of money, for us to enjoy. Remember to bring some coins along with you as most collect donations for Westmead Children’s Hospital as part of Lights For Kids.

Christmas Lights
Grasmere Ave, Northmead (2016)

The Must See – Top Local Picks

Before we show you the Google Map, we thought we would highlight our 10 top local picks. They are a mixture of stunning individual houses and streets where a number of houses are decorated so you can wander around with the kids. And we have factored in their location when deciding the order.

  1. Grasmere (45) and Dorset (5) Avenues in Northmead [Prettiest displays and best street circuit in the City of Parramatta]
  2. 44 Camellia Street in Greystanes [Grandest, most over the top individual house]
  3. Chauvel Street in North Ryde [Most houses decorated in a street]
  4. Pine Street, Rydalmere, plus Hillman and Finch Avenues [Lots of houses with good displays]
  5. Sydney LDS Temple in Carlingford [Best spot for a family picnic]
  6. 59 Oakes Road in Carlingford
  7. 122 Brush Road, West Ryde
  8. Cumberland Road in Greystanes (near Whalans Road)
  9. 28 Derby Street in Merrylands
  10. 5-11 Caledonian Avenue in Winston Hills

Other notable displays can be found at 1 Elm Place in Constitution Hill; 45 Albert St in North Parramatta; Alamein Ave in Carlingford and 136 Excelsior Ave in Castle Hill.

NOTE: We keep adjusting the list as we find more amazing Christmas lights!

And if you really love Christmas light displays, then you should take a trip to the Hunter Valley Gardens for their amazing Christmas lights extravaganza!

Christmas Lights Map

The first year we took our kids around to see the Christmas lights, I wrote down the addresses and mapped them out roughly on paper….such a time consuming exercise and we still drove a little round in circles. Seeing Christmas lights is SO much easier now with this handy Christmas Lights Google Map that you can load onto your phone.

The Google Map below shows Christmas light displays that we have visited this year and previous years, as well as ones fundraising for Lights for Kids. We regularly update the map as we become aware of more Christmas light displays. And the best bit, is that we have ‘graded’ the light displays so you know which ones are worth driving to and which ones are nice to drive-by.


The map has colour coded markers.

  • Green = Already on
  • Orange = Will start soon
  • Red= There were lights there last year, but none yet this year
  • Blue = Unknown

We have also used icons to help work out which lights are just for driving by and which are worth getting out to look at.

  • Star = Definitely one to visit, park the car and have a wander.
  • Tick = Really good, definitely worth visiting if you live nearby
  • Car = Worth driving by if you are in the area
  • Circle = Unknown as we haven’t visited yet.

Other Christmas Fun

There are plenty of other ways to get into the festive spirit. Just check out our calendar of local Christmas events or our awesome Christmas Guide for plenty of jolly ideas.

Epping Christmas Pool Party
Epping Christmas Pool Party 16th December