More and more families seem to be celebrating Halloween. Helped along by all the Halloween items in local shops – making it easier to join in (or harder to resist)! We see it as another opportunity for a bit of fun for kids… and a sugar high. Though, we do need to work for it!

Like everything else though, Halloween in 2020 looks different… But at least everyone has a mask ready to go – you just need to decorate it!

Halloween 2020 covid style
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Here are some tips for staying covid19 while celebrating Halloween.

To help you prepare for Halloween, we have pulled together a list of 15 fun Halloween treats to make, 10 Halloween craft activities and a list of local Halloween events as well as local streets that were trick or treat friendly in 2019

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Local Streets for Trick or Treating

Here is a list of streets which were trick or treater friendly last year…and may be again this year. Keep in mind that due to covid19, people may not be participating this year, particularly the bigger house displays as they don’t want to attract large crowds.

Please be considerate of neighbours and only knock on doors which have decorations or balloons out the front, as not all houses on these streets will be participating. There’s also a website called Trick or Treat Me that hopes to make it easier to bring trick or treaters and willing households together.


  • Jenkins Road
  • Dunrossil Ave


  • Cottee Drive
  • Dent Street
  • Walker Place (North Epping)


  • AE2 defence estate (off River Rd)
  • Boronia Street (near Trumper St)
  • Hope Street
  • Koorine Street
  • Lawson Street
  • Seamist Ave
  • Trumper Street
  • Turner Street


  • Beresford Rd
  • Casino Rd (Southern End)
  • Dahlia St
  • 18 Daisy Street
  • Greystanes Rd (btwn Bathurst St and Woolies)
  • 9 Hanbury Street
  • Roberta St


  • Bowden St Townhouses (near Webb St)
  • Isabella Street
  • Pennant Hills Road


  • Beamish Rd (near Kleins Rd)
  • Brelogail Street
  • Intersection around Caprera Rd + Grasmere Ave + Windermere Ave
  • Harrison Street
  • Hayes Ave
  • Northmead Ave
  • Nottingham Street
  • Streets surround Northmead Public School
  • Roland Ave
  • Sherwood St


  • Andrew Place
  • Mill Drive
  • North Rocks Road
  • Perry Street
  • Rajola Place
  • Sophia Crescent


  • Hunterford Crescent


  • Crimea St (between Pitt and Burnett St)
  • Glebe Street


  • Streets between Griffins Ave + Edward Dr
  • Boraga Street
  • Nijong Drive
  • Bulbi Street
  • Karuk Street
  • Watkin Tench Parade
  • Nicholls Way


  • Dudley Street
  • Pine Street


  • Dickens Street

Halloween Treats

Looking for some ideas of what to give out when kids come trick or treating? We’ve dug around the internet and found 15 easy to make at home, spooky Halloween finger food.

Strawberry Ghosts

White chocolate dipped strawberries with melted chocolate eyes and mouth. Full recipe at Candiquik


White chocolate dipped biscotti biscuits. Full recipe at Good House Keeping. You can also do something similar by dipping bananas or strawberries in white chocolate and decorating.

3Marshmallow Ghosts

Mini marshmallows and candy coating. Full recipe at Taste of Home.

4Halloween Mouth Stack

Apple slices, peanut butter and mini marshmallows are all you need to make these fun kids Halloween mouths. Full recipe at Surviving a Teachers Salary.

5Chocolate Monster Cookies

Choc-chip biscuit sandwich with chocolate ganache filling and googly eyes. Full recipe at Self Proclaimed Foodie.

6Mini Doughnut Spiders

Pretzel legged mini doughnuts with smartie eyes make a fun little Halloween spider. Full recipe at It’s Always Autumn.

7Ghostly Cupcake Cones

Top cupcakes in ice cream cones with meringue ghosts. Full recipe at Taste of Home.


Choc chip cookies and peanut butter mousse. Full recipe at Tonya Staab

Scary Donuts

Store bought doughnuts covered in white buttercream icing and candy eyeballs. Full recipe at Good Housekeeping

Jelly worms

Pour raspberry jelly into straws to create the worms and use crushed chocolate cookies like Oreos to create the dirt. Full recipe at Cakescottage

Candy Melt dipped marshmallows covered in Halloween coloured sprinkles. Full recipe at My Baking Addiction

Truffle Mummies

Using pureed pumpkin, ginger snap cookies and cream cheese to create pumpkin flavoured truffles coated in white chocolate. Full recipe at Creme de la Crumb

Pumpkin Lollypops

Store bought donuts orange lollypops decorated with green buttercream icing. Full recipe at Sweet Sugarbelle

Jack Skellington pops

Oreos dipped in white candy melts and faces drawn on with black editable markers. Full recipe at Big Bears Wife

Meringue Bones

Meringues piped into bone shapes. You could also try ghost shaped meringues too. Full recipe at Good Housekeeping

Halloween Craft Ideas

Here are 10 fun, simple Halloween craft activities.

16Apple Pumpkin Stamp

Cut an apple in half to make a pumpkin stamp and then decorate. Full instructions at Made to be a Momma.

Spider Web Plates

Punch holes in some black paper plates and thread cotton through to make a web. Stick some felt or plastic spider on the web using double sided tape. Full instructions at Annelily Design.

Using contact paper with orange tissue paper, you can make some fun pumpkin ‘stained glass’ decorations for Halloween. Full instructions at Here Comes the Girls.

Kids can make a skeleton using their own arm and hand, plus a few cotton wool buds. Full instructions at Crafty Morning.

Simply paint a paper plate orange and decorate to make Halloween masks. Full instructions at Thriving Home.

Puffy Ghosts

Use cotton wool balls to create fluffy ghosts to decorate your windows with. Full instructions at Thriving Home.

Make a fun spider out of a few pipe cleaners and pom pom. Full instructions at The Best Ideas for Kids.

Let the kids go wild with masking tape and create spooky mummies. Full instructions at No Time for Flash Cards

Toilet Roll Spiders

Reuse your toilet rolls by painting them black and adding some pipe cleaners to create spiders. Full instructions at Creative Family Fun

Pumpkin Rocks

Get creative and paint some Halloween themed rocks like these pumpkins. Image from Easy Peasy and Fun. More rock painting instructions in our Parramatta Rocks article.

Halloween Events

Due to covid19, we’re not updating our What’s On Calendar at the moment. But you can see a list of local Halloween events on our Facebook page.