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I am going to let you in on a little secret, funny late night pleasure I have…..and yes it is G rated. It is voting for new kids books for the library! đŸ˜‰ I know, a bit strange, but I completely love it. And what’s even more fun, is going to the library with the kids and finding some of the books you voted for.

I am not sure how long Parramatta Council Libraries have been using the voting system for, but I have been voting for a at least a year now. I am also not sure how much weight it has in deciding which new books are bought for the libraries, but I am constantly seeing new books from the lists in the library….and plenty that I voted for. I also wonder how many people actually vote. I really should ask next time we are at the library.

How to Vote

Anyone who is a member of the library can vote and it is really simple. Just a note though, I have only either done it from my laptop so not sure how well it works, if at all, from a phone.

On the home page of the Parramatta City Library, you will see the vote for new books graphic in the main body of text.

Once you click on this, you are taken to a log in page where you enter your email address, member number and select the branch you most often go to. Then you get presented with a range of the best forthcoming books, by different collections and categories, and get to vote for the ones you most want.

Vote for New Books at Your Local Library

There is a new list of books every month and voting for the following month closes in the middle of the current month. For example, voting for January closes on 16th December.

Happy Voting!

Come to think about it, I guess I really should let the kids in on the fun of voting…..

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