Memory Games for Kids Aged 3+


My children attend Ryde Gymbaroo (there’s also one in Rydalmere) and on Friday, during my 3 year old’s session, one of the activities we played was a memory game. We had to place the cards upside down and the children had to keep turning 2 over and if they matched, putting them aside, if not, turning them back over until they could match them.

This was something I didn’t realise a 3 year old could do but I was amazed watching all these kids remembering and doing so well!

If you have a printer and perhaps some contact, why not print out some memory cards to try yourselves? The key is not to have too many for the younger ones but gradually add more to the pack.

The website has some fantastic resources. Here are a few from their website.

Shapes Matching Game

The shapes matching game is a great one for preschoolers and kindergarteners. It contains 8 different shapes in different colours.

Face Matching Game

A black and white one, the face matching game contains both the image and the word. Less colour means they are able to process it better. One for preschoolers.

Animals Matching Game

Yet another one for preschoolers, the animal matching game contains 8 different animals in colour.

Seasons Matching Game

The seasons matching game is created for Kindergarteners. It contains 8 different season related cards.

There are MANY other memory cards that you can download. You will need to register with but it is free.


  1. I loved that game when I was a kid….look forward to playing it with my boys. And I was the same as you, didn’t think to it at this age 🙂