Top Pick of Performances for Kids (Jun to Oct 2017) | Riverside Theatres

Located in Parramatta CBD, Riverside Theatres is a place where stories come to life with the help of puppets, music, fantasy, adventure and lots of laughter. It is also where your kids will get swept up in the kind of magic that only live performance can deliver.


Kids are in for a real treat at Riverside Theatres over the coming months, with a number of family productions to enjoy. Here are six performances for kids that we think are definitely worth checking out.

Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium | Blinky BillMr Snot Bottom’s Seriously Stinky Songs |
The Bockety World of Henry & Bucket | Grug and the Rainbow | The Red Tree

Deep under the surface, submerged below time, swam some of the world’s most amazing prehistoric marine reptiles.

Performances for kids Riverside TheatresErth’s Prehistoric Aquarium is the aqua-fantastic follow-up to the internationally loved and celebrated Erth’sDinosaur Zoo™. This interactive puppet show features colossal sized creatures and not-so-big beasts that the team at Erth have spent years collecting for their giant aquarium. And now children are invited to dive in and meet these aquatic critters in person.

What does a Plesiosaurs skin feel like? How big are a Kronosaurus’ teeth? And do Kimberella even wear shoes? The skilled handlers will be able to answer all these questions and more in this once in a lifetime interactive theatre experience.

Tickets and Info:

  • Suitable for 5yrs+
  • Tickets from $20-$30, family pass $105
  • Goes for 50 minutes, with no interval, plus 20 minute Q&A for daytime shows
  • This production contains theatrical smoke haze effects.

Dates and TimesPerformances for kids Riverside Theatres

  • Tuesday 27 June at 6:30pm (Auslan Interpreted Performance)
  • Wednesday 28 June at 10am and 1pm

2Blinky Bill | June-July

As Blinky Bill goes on his adventures with his friends Nutsy, Splodge, Flap, Marcia and Mr Wombat, families will discover a fascinating array of undiscovered sounds made with unique instruments!

In a special premiere, the much-loved children’s entertainer Georgia Adamson joins Ensemble Offspring for a new musical production of Blinky Bill. Inspired by Dorothy Wall’s classic tale about a mischievous koala, Blinky Bill features old-fashioned colonial folk tunes, contemporary sounds of the Australian landscape, interactive moments, songs and narrated excerpts from the bush classic.

Tickets and Info:

  • Suitable for 2yrs+
  • Tickets from $16-$19, family pass $65
  • Goes for 45 minutes, including meet the instruments and Q&A

Dates and Times:

  • Thursday 29 June at 12:30pm
  • Friday 30 June at 10:15am and 12:30pm
  • Saturday 1 July at 10:15am

Mr Snot Bottom appeals to all ages, transporting families to a crazy, joyous world where they can laugh together.

Expect tasteless tunes, horrible harmonies and repulsive rhythms, plus plenty of gross gags and wrong routines, in this symphony of silliness by hilariously deeeesgusting kids comedian, Mr Snot Bottom.

Tickets and Info:

  • Suitable for kids 4 to 10yrs
  • Tickets from $15 to $25, family pass $72
  • Goes for approximately 50mins

Dates and Times

  • Tuesday 3 July 1pm
  • Wednesday 4 July 10am

The Bockety World of Henry & Bucket is a kids friendly play that explores friendship through a day in the life of two friends, who have been likened to a modern-day Laurel and Hardy.

Henry and Bucket are best pals, although sometimes you wouldn’t think so! Like all good friends they have their ups and downs, their battles and reconciliations, their shared adventures and at times, their need for their own space. But as long as these two friends are together, transforming their rusty, dusty, battered and bockety world into a place of wonder, their adventures can take them anywhere!

This acclaimed play from Barnstorm Theatre Company, Ireland’s premier producer of theatre for children, is poetic, humorous and rich in visual antics and sure to intrigue and spark imagination.

Note: The word ‘bockety’ is used in Ireland to describe something that is a bit broken or unsteady but that still works reasonably well.

Tickets and Info:

  • Suitable for 4 to 8yrs
  • Tickets from $18 to $30, family pass $105
  • Goes for about 45 minutes, with no interval, plus 20 minute Q&A for weekday shows

Dates and TimesPerformances for kids Riverside Theatres

  • Wednesday 13 September at 10:15am
  • Thursday 14 September at 10:15am
  • Friday 15 September at 10:15am (Relaxed Performance)
  • Saturday 16 September at 10:15am

Featuring exquisite puppetry and gentle storytelling, this brand new show has been especially created for the littlest theatregoers.

Grug began his life as the grassy top of a Burrawang tree. Fascinated by the world around him and never short of an adventure, now he’s back by popular demand. Embarking on his own epic journey to find a rainbow, it always seems just beyond his grasp. But Grug is full of determination and his adventures are always full of surprises.

Tickets and Info:

  • Suitable for kids 1 to 5yrs
  • Tickets from $16 to $26, family pass $88
  • Goes for approximately 35 minutes, with no interval. There will be a photo opportunity with the puppets after the show

Dates and TimesPerformances for kids Riverside Theatres

  • Tuesday 26 September 10am and 12pm
  • Wednesday 27 September 10am (Relaxed Performance) and 12pm

6The Red Tree | October

The Red Tree explores the expressive possibilities of shared imagination. This new production reminds us the world isn’t as bleak as it may seem.

The Red Tree is adapted from the multi award-winning picture book by Shaun Tan. Our heroine, a young girl, journeys through many dark moments, yet ultimately there is hope at the end of her journey. 

This new production explores landscapes, buildings, monsters, storms, sunshine and rainbows. These can be strange and familiar, our imaginations or our realities.

Tickets and Info:

  • Suitable for 5yrs+
  • Tickets from $22 to $39, family pass $95
  • Goes for 75 minutes, with no interval

Performances for kids Riverside TheatresDates and Times

  • Friday 20 October 1pm and 7pm
  • Saturday 21 October 2pm and 7pm
  • Wednesday 25 October 1pm
  • Thursday 26 October 7pm
  • Friday 27 October 10am (Relaxed Performance) and 7pm
  • Saturday 28 October 2pm and 7pm

About Riverside Theatres

Performances for kids Riverside TheatresRiverside Theatres will celebrate its 30th birthday in 2018 and is now home to 1200 events every year. offers It has three venues under the one roof and is a leading entertainment venue and performing arts centre in Greater Sydney.

Riverside Theatres work to bring children to the arts and the arts to children in the most exciting ways possible. They select from Australia’s best children’s theatre makers to ensure that parents enjoy the experience as much as their kids.

Local Family Friendly Performing Arts Centre

Performances for kids Riverside TheatresRiverside Theatres provide a number of facilities and services that help make it a more enjoyable experience for families, including:

  • Lots of booster seats available – just ask an usher at your door,
  • Space to park prams,
  • A relaxed courtyard for the kids to run around,
  • Baby change facilities.

Getting to Riverside Theatres

Located on the banks of the Parramatta River, near the Eat Street precinct, Riverside Theatres is easily accessible by bus, ferry and car.

There are a few car parks to choose from nearby:

  • Novotel Parramatta (across the road) – $10.00 per 6 hour period from time of entry
  • Secure Parking – Riverbank
  • Secure Parking – Eat Street. Riverside patrons can park here at a flat rate of $5 after 6pm on weekdays and all day weekends. To receive the discounted rate, you need to request a discount voucher from the Riverside Theatres Box Office or the Riverside Bar prior to returning to your vehicle.