Pick Your Own Mandarins (OPENS 26th May 2018) | Ford’s Farm

Quick, get to Ford's Farm before it’s too late. My girls and I love to cook, eat and get outdoors, and our latest weekend adventure hit all of those points.


Ford FarmWe were ready for a lazy Saturday, so figured a nice drive would fit the bill. We packed a picnic lunch, hopped in the car and took the hour and 15-minute drive north to pick some mandarins at Ford’s Farm and are so glad we did. The trees were just covered with amazing orange globes of yumminess. We have been enjoying the citrus of late but we had never seen how mandarins grow. It is quite breath taking to see so much fruit covering the trees and the bright colour just radiates from every branch.

We have never been up around Wisemans Ferry but it was a beautiful little drive with some amazing properties and view points along the way but the highlight was the fruit.

UPDATE July 2017

Pick Your Own CumquatsFords Farm has been closed for the past few weeks as their mandarins were all picked. They will be opening Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th July from 10am to 4pm as the cumquats are ready for picking. They will also have a few mandarins available – Imperials, Emperors and Hicksons. This is the last weekend they will be open this year and will re-open in May 2018.

Ford FarmI’ve got to say you Aussie’s have a little goldmine here – the citrus fruit here is head and shoulders above anything I have ever tasted. And that’s having tasted the famous citrus from California and Florida, plus the Chinese seedless mandarins and, on rare occasions, Japanese ones around Christmas time in Canada.

Ford’s Farm has seedless satsumas and imperial mandarins – by far the better choice in my opinion so long as your kids can spit out the seeds. The cumquats were just about ready and looked plentiful as well as an array of limes and different varieties of lemons. If you haven’t been yet, you’ve probably waited too long to try the lemonade lemons. But WOW what a flavour and my little ones ate them just like they’d eat an orange.

As an added bonus for the kids, they have sheep on site and you can buy a bag of hay to feed them for about 50 cents. You can also grab some baked goods and coffee and there is a small gift shop of sorts.

All in all a great weekend and it turned into an amazing fresh Caesar salad dressing made with their lemons, amazing orange marmalade, orange muffins and orange cornbread with an orange cream cheese icing. YUM YUM YUM! So get out to Ford’s Farm and enjoy some quality family time.

Open Times and Prices

Ford’s Farm is open 10am to 4pm every weekend from 27th May until all the fruit has been picked (approximately 6 weeks).  They are also open the June long weekend 10th to 12th June 2017. Please note they are not open on weekdays.

They charge an entry fee of $5.00 per car and then you only pay $2.00 per kg for what you pick.

Places of Interest Nearby

Finding Ford’s Farm

Ford’s Farm is about 1.25hrs north of Parramatta. Head north along Old Northern Road until just before Wisemans Ferry, where you turn right and travel along Singleton Road for about 13kms.