UPDATE: Sadly Schofields Orange Orchard will NOT have pick your own oranges in 2018. They will however be selling their oranges at their farm gate from 20th May to October. Below is our review from 2017.

We have loved picking mandarins the last two seasons at Wisemans Ferry. But I had no idea that there were two farms closer to home where you can pick oranges….and I am guessing I might not be the only one! The one we visited recently was Schofields Orange Orchard, just north of Richmond. It is a family owned orange orchard that has been operating for 5 generations. The other farm is Anderson Farm, north of Windsor in Sackville North.

Pick your own oranges schofields orange orchard

On arrival at the farm, there is a farm gate shop where you can buy oranges, farm fresh eggs, honey and other seasonal produce. On the day we went, there were pumpkins and mandarins to buy. There is also a table set up for people interested in picking their own. The entry fee is $5 for adults and kids are free. This allows you and your kids to enjoy the orchard and eat what you want while picking. To pick your own oranges, you must purchase a bag for $15, which you then fill with as many delicious oranges as you can/ want. The oranges available to be picked are naval oranges.

The pick your own section of the orchard is about 4-5 rows of orange trees wide and then runs for about 150m. There is plenty of low hanging fruit, which is great for the kids to pick. My Mr 4 and Mr 2.5 were able to easily pick oranges and fill our bag, though my eldest did prefer picking from on top of his dads shoulders!

Pick your own oranges schofields orange orchard

There are picnic tables within the orchard so you can sit and enjoy some oranges or lunch. We chose to visit when the farm opened and then headed to Windsor afterwards for lunch and a play. We probably spent about an hour at the farm and it was a gorgeous winters day for it. Since coming home with our large bag of naval oranges, we have enjoyed them juiced, peeled and turned some into orange cupcakes. You really have to love that just when we need a big dose of vitamin c to ward off colds etc, nature delivers with juicy oranges!

Schofield’s Orange Orchard Opening Hours

Schofield’s Orange Orchard is open 10am till 3pm Sunday to Friday – CLOSED Saturday, while there is fruit to pick. NOTE: the 2017 season finished on 18th September 2017.

Entry Fee and Prices

Entry is $5 per adult and kids are free. Oranges are picked by the bag for $15 and a bag holds approximately 15kgs, plus you can eat as much as you want while picking. Each car, or group of 6, must buy one bag.


Thanks to articles from Little Munch and Hello Sydney Kids, we headed to Windsor after our orange picking to extend our little morning adventure. After parking along Hawkesbury River, at Howe Park, we went to the nice Cafe Red for lunch. Afterwards we grabbed the kids scooters and headed over the bridge to the great Macquarie Park. We all had a great morning out and are keen to do it again….well once we get through this lot of oranges! Plus, there are plenty of other things to do in Windsor, like the Sunday markets, on our next trip.

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Finding Schofields Orange Orchard

Schofields Orange Orchard is just north of Richmond, near the Hawkesbury River. There is on-site parking.

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