I’m a whole lot in love with pick your own fruit outings. There’s the hour drive to the countryside, fresh air, kids learning about where their food comes from, being outdoors, wearing gumboots and supporting local farmers. And let’s not forget, eating all the yummy fresh fruit! I mean what’s not to love?

So far we have picked mandarins, nectarines, peaches, apples, oranges, strawberries, tomatoes, eggplants, chestnuts, walnuts, plums, pears, sunflowers and peas. And look forward to picking cherries this year. BUT I’m forever forgetting what is available to pick at different times of the year. And thought I may not be alone! So below is a listing by month of what fruit (nuts and flowers) is available from nearby farms that let you pick your own. There are 15 farms listed so far and they are all roughly about an hours drive from Parramatta. We hope to add a few more throughout the year.

Google Map

To make it a easier to see where you can pick your own fruit, here is a Google Map of the different nearby pick your own fruit farm experiences.

For other pick your own experiences, visit Harvest Trails and Markets website, a not for profit community organisation supporting farmers in the Sydney basin.


PLEASE treat the farms with care when visiting them – keeping wastage to a minimum and making sure not to damage fruit trees. Unfortunately the reason why so many farmers charge entry prices for pick your own farm experiences is because of the amount of wasted fruit thrown/ dropped on the ground and the damage caused to their farm. Sadly a case of a few ruining it for the rest of us.

Anderson Farm
Farmer Ken at Anderson Farm picks up the dropped/ thrown fruit for seconds boxes and to feed his cows.

Keep in mind that each farm experience will be very different. Some charge a small entry fee and have animals to pat as well as fruit picking. Others are free to visit and have picnic facilities. Make sure to read our review of the farm you are thinking of visiting beforehand.

Canoelands Orchard
Tractor ride at Canoelands Orchard

It’s always worthwhile putting some gumboots in the car just in case the ground is muddy at the farm. And taking some reuseable/cooler bags with you to store the fruit on your way home.

This calendar is a GUIDE only! Weather changes can affect when fruit is available for picking. I do my best to update it regularly. But strongly recommend you check the farms Facebook page or website before visiting to see what fruit is ready to pick and when they’re open.

Month by Month Fruit Picking Calendar



The bushfires ravaging NSW have affected a number of pick your own farms. While there are still farms to pick your own stone fruit and berries from at the moment, it’s highly recommended that you check their Facebook page for updates before heading off to visit.


Pick your own plums at Pine Crest Orchard in Bilpin



Chestnuts (photo credit: Nutwood Farm)






Tomato picking season is from about mid-March to end July/ August (Photo credit: Josephine Sicad-Minerva Photography)




  • Mandarins: Watkins Family Farm (drop-in, open weekends until 6th Oct 2019, entry fee)
  • Oranges: Anderson Farm (open weekends until 29th September 2019, drop-in, $5 entry for adults)
  • Strawberries: Berrylicious Strawberries (from mid Oct, open most Saturdays, bookings essential, entry fee)







The bushfires currently raging around Sydney have greatly affected local orchards and farms we regularly visit to pick our own fruit. A great way to support those still standing is to pay them a visit these summer holidays. Best to check their Facebook page for updates before heading off for a visit.


  1. Hi,
    I’m looking for fruit picking from 11th October to 18th October.
    May I know whether your farm offering fruit picking during this period.

    • Hi Amy, ParraParents helps parents discover fun things to do with their kids. We don’t operate the farms that we have listed in our fruit picking calendar. But enjoy visiting them. During those dates, the only local farm we know that’s open for fruit picking is Berrylicious Strawberries but they are now booked out. There will be nectarines and peaches to pick at Canoelands the week after.