All I had to do is mention the magic words ‘pick our own mandarins/ oranges’ plus ‘ferry’ in the same sentence and my boys are at the door! And our destination… Anderson Farm.

Anderson Farm

Anderson Farm is on the banks of the Hawkesbury River and is split across Sackville Ferry Road. They have both mandarins and oranges to pick and are the only farm close to Parramatta that do. The others just have one or the other. And in my house when one child loves mandarins and the other oranges, Anderson Farm is just perfect!

Anderson Farm

Mandarins (Imperial, Emperor and Hickson) and oranges (Naval) are available for picking from 8th June until 29th September 2019. As the end of season approaches, they are only open Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm.

Anderson Farm

My boys and I have visited three years running now and really enjoy picking fruit, chatting to Farmers Ken and Percy and just hanging out on the farm. There’s lots of easy to reach fruit for little ones. The challenge is limiting how much they pick!

Anderson Farm

There were three separate areas of the farm. Which one is open for picking depends on fruit, how many people are out picking and how many helpers the farmers have. There’s signage out on the road indicating which area is open.

Anderson Farm

The area on the right hand side, once you come off the car ferry, has tables and chairs for a picnic. It’s also on a little hill so provides a nice view out over the river. The farm area on the left hand side (after getting off the car ferry) has toilets and access points to the river.

Anderson Farm
Area up on the hill (right hand side after the car ferry)

And the last spot, further along on the left hand side has toilets and a large picnic area with tables and chairs.

Anderson Farm

Plus this is where a herd of friendly cows usually are. We loved feeding them spoiled mandarins. Just ask Farmer Ken and he will have a bucket or two handy for the kids to throw/ feed to the cows.

Entry Fee and Prices

There’s an entry fee of $5 per adult and kids are free. This fee is mostly charged to cover the cost of wastage, sadly. And you can eat all the fruit you want while picking. It’s definitely great to try before picking so you only grab the types you like and are ripe.

Anderson Farm

It’s then $10 per bucket for what you pick, which hold a LOT of oranges and mandarins. Our buckets have generally weighed about 5-7kg. We usually get two buckets. Seems a waste to go all that way for just one. And then have lots of oranges and mandarins to enjoy!

Anderson Farm

It’s best to chat with the farmers before entering the orchards to find out which fruit is where and what is ripe and how best to pick the fruit.

Opening Hours

The farm will now only open Saturday and Sunday from 10am till 4pm. The season will end on Sunday 29th September this year.

As the season progresses, it’s best to check their website before heading out just to make sure there is still fruit and the farmers aren’t taking a little (much needed) break.

Anderson Farm
Farmer Ken and his little helper

Sackville Car Ferry

A highlight of the trip is going across the Hawkesbury River on the Sackville car ferry. But you will need to make sure your GPS takes you that way as it likes to avoid it. You just need to travel through Wilberforce, via Sackville Road to catch the car ferry. It may take a little longer (depending on where the ferry is when you arrive) but it is a great added adventure. And my boys loved watching the car ferry going back and forth from within the farm.

Anderson Farm

Getting to Anderson Farm

Anderson farm is about 45km north of Parramatta. While not the quickest way to get there, we definitely recommend catching the free Sackville car ferry across the Hawkesbury River. To reach it, travel through Wilberforce and then along Sackville Road.

Depending on when you arrive, and how many cars are waiting, you may have to wait about 10mins. Just make sure you choose the route through Wilberforce on your GPS. Mine kept wanting to take me another way and I wouldn’t have heard the end of it if we didn’t go across on the ferry! And we got there a lot quicker than the GPS predicted.

Places of Interest Nearby

Australiana Pioneer Village
Australiana Pioneer Village

On your way to Anderson Farm (if going via the car ferry), you will come through Windsor and Wilberforce. Both are nice spots to stop with kids.

In Windsor, there’s Governor Phillip Park, a great fenced inclusive playground for young children. Plus Macquarie Park with a small fun playground and ‘beach’ as well as a host of cafes and markets on Sundays.

Governor Phillip Park Windsor

And in Wilberforce, there is the Australiana Pioneer Village, open on Sundays as well as Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the school holidays, that is definitely worth a visit!

Other Pick Your Own Farms

Like fruit picking with your family? Well there is at least one farm open every month to pick your own fruit at. Check out our monthly calendar, or visit some of our other favourites

  • Watkins Family Farm – mandarins from May til September in Wisemans Ferry.
  • Berrylicious Strawberries – pick your own strawberries usually in spring through to autumn.
  • Canoelands Orchard – while best known for its stone fruit (nectarines, peaches and plus), you can also pick tomatoes, eggplants, citrus and peas. Plus in a few years, there will be apples to pick.
  • Fords Family Farm – mandarins from 1st June til end June and cumquats through til last weekend of July in Wisemans Ferry.