ChouChou Bebe is a fantastic, popular little play centre and cafe. It is located at Lidcombe Centre and is for children under 5. There are a few different play spaces, including a play shopping area, music room, slides that lead into a ball pit and more. The cafe itself isn’t huge, so you can only take prams in with sleeping babies. And it can get extremely busy on weekends and rainy days.

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chouchou bebe cafe

Entry Fee

This isn’t a cafe with a free play area. It is more like a play centre with a nice cafe. There is an entry fee for both kids and adults. For adults it is $4.50. However this includes a free coffee or hot drink. I normally pay just under this for coffees anyway so the entry fee doesn’t phase me.

  • Entry is free for children under 12 months.
  • The cost for older children is dependent for how long you’d like to stay.
  • There are discounts if you have more than one child.
  • They also have an early bird discount where you receive an extra hour for free if you enter before 9:30am. That’s fantastic!

    Chouchou Bebe


Chouchou Bebe have some lovely desserts as well as your usual banana breads and so forth. I confess to not having tried more than just their coffee but I look forward to returning and trying some of their sweets.

The coffee tasted lovely. Truth be told, I was expecting something average like you get at some other play centres but this was a good quality beverage.

Play Areas

The play areas are little child-sized zones placed adjacent to each other split across two levels. The play areas consist of a picnic area, race track, music room, ball pits, small supermarket, hinoki zone (like a mini sandpit minus the sand – they use small lightweight wooden cubes instead), slides and more! Be warned, the music room contains a drum kit that can be a little bit painful for adult ears and the small wooden cubes in the hinoki zone could be a choking hazard for bubs.

Chouchou Bebe

Prams, Shoes and Socks

If you have arrived with a pram, never fear! Before you enter the cafe, you’ll find an area to park them. And if bub is asleep in the pram, you are now allowed to bring the pram in with you – thank goodness!

You’ll also notice free lockers, where you can leave your bags and shoes. That’s right! Chouchou Bebe is a shoe free zone for both adults and children.

If you’ve forgotten socks, you can purchase some from the cafe. The adults are given slippers to wear as well.


One of the main reasons I feel uncomfortable at play centres is that my children are a bit too young to run around without my constant supervision and I can’t sit back and just enjoy my time. Chouchou Bebe is small enough to be able to observe your young children from a distance. There will be times that you can’t see them. This is why the security cameras in all the little spaces is an awesome addition. You can simply gaze at the security footage from your seat and have peace of mind that your children are ok.

The cafe has a baby change room and sink. But they don’t have toilets. You will need to use the ones in the shopping centre that are close by. They also have a function room that is available for hire for birthday parties and other events.

Chouchou Bebe
Complimentary coffee

My husband and I had a lovely time at the cafe. We were fond of the coffee and our children were thrilled to spend some time here.

The one thing that gave us a headache was the drum kit. As cute as it is, toddlers and preschoolers haven’t quite mastered the technique that perhaps Ringo Starr has. Despite this, we would definitely return with some ear plugs.

Have you been? What did you think of the cafe?

Places of Interest Nearby

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Finding ChouChou Bebe

ChouChou Bebe is on Level 1 of Lidcombe Shopping Centre, next to Spotlight. The shopping centre is along Parramatta Road, opposite Costco and Bunnings.


  1. I loved it there, we went on a weekday around 3pm so it was nice and quiet (and cheaper than on weekends). I kept my 18 month old out of the Hinoki area because I don’t trust her not to eat it but other than that the whole centre was awesome! We’ll definitely be back, though probably sticking to weekdays.

  2. I had a very bad experience today. I took my 5 year old twins and my 7 year old and we were refused entry because my kids were to old!!!

    • Hi Aliya, I can understand your disappointment and thank you for letting us know. ChouChou Bebe do say it is for kids up to 5yrs of age, though we weren’t aware that they turned away families with older siblings. With such a small space, and lots of little kids, we can though understand why they have done this. We have updated the review to make it clearer that this play centre is for kids 5yrs and under. Thanks, Kellie

  3. The hinkoki zone is so dangerous . My boy nearly swallowed the small bricks . They need to get rid of it fast . They are found everywhere in the centre and don’t even trust my boy crawling around . I won’t come back

    • Hi Delta,
      We are aware some parents have voiced their concerns about the Hinkoki Zone. We aren’t affiliated with ChouChou so it is probably best to pass on your feedback to the staff at ChouChou.
      Cheers, Mel