There are so many ways to enjoy Parramatta River. And one of our favourites is the short trip across the river in our car on the Putney Punt!

Putney Punt Parramatta River Mortlake Car Ferry

My boys are a little in love with car ferries and I love being near water. So the Putney Punt makes for a great outing for us. Particularly when combined with a play at a nearby playground along Parramatta River or a swim at Cabarita Swimming Centre. And yes, we usually go back and forth on the car ferry (a few times)!

Putney Punt Mortlake Ferry Parramatta River
Pulling into the Putney side

The Putney Punt is a FREE vehicular ferry, also known as the Mortlake Ferry. You can catch it from the end of Pellisier Road in Putney or Hilly Street in Mortlake. It has been operating since 1925 and is the only remaining punt in the Sydney area.

Putney Punt Mortlake Ferry Parramatta River

You can either drive your car on or walk on and sit in the passenger area. Keep in mind that if you drive on, you are NOT allowed to leave your car.

Putney Punt Mortlake Ferry Parramatta River
Looking out from the passenger area

The trip across Parramatta River only takes about 5mins. But about 10mins all up by the time the cars and passengers get on and off. Keep in mind that depending where the ferry is when you arrive to catch it, you may have to wait up to 10mins. Plus, the car ferry regularly has to wait a bit for the Parramatta Rivercat to go by.

Putney Punt Mortlake Ferry Parramatta River
Looking across to the Parramatta Rivercat and Mortlake

The Putney Punt can take 18 cars, with a safe load limit of 90 tonnes. And we are yet to see it full.

Operating Hours

Unlike the Sackville car ferry (passed Windsor and Wilberforce), the Putney Punt only operates at certain times. We normally catch it on a weekday afternoon on our way back from shopping or from an afternoon playground adventure or swim.

  • Monday – Friday (excluding public holidays): 6.45am to 9.25am and 2.45pm to 6.15pm
  • Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays: continuous operation between 10.30am and 5.30pm.

Note: these times are for the Mortlake side so you need to add about 10mins for the Putney side.

Things To Do Nearby

While you can of course just use the Putney Punt to make your way across Parramatta River, like I am sure most people do. You can also make an adventure of your ‘voyage’ and here are some of the fun things to do nearby on either side in a Google Map. And below the map is information on nearby playgrounds on either side of the Putney Punt.

Playgrounds Nearby to Putney Side

We mostly catch the Putney Punt from the Putney side. There are three nearby playgrounds that you can stop at for a play – Putney Park, Kissing Point Park and Morrison Bay Reserve. Plus, Putney Shops is a short drive away with, a number of great cafes and a street library to enjoy. And not too far away is Top Ryde Shopping Centre.

Putney Park, Putney

Putney Park

Address: Pellisier Rd, Putney | Summary: three small to medium playgrounds (including toddler pools and two giant slides), best suited to kids 2-10yrs, water views from bottom playgrounds, mix of shade sails and natural shade, bbqs, toilets, on-site parking, Putney Punt, open grassed areas | More details |

Kissing Point Park, Putney

BBQ dinners Kissing Point Park

Address: Waterview Street, Putney | Summary: medium playground, best suited to kids 2-8yrs, water views, sand pit, softfall under play equipment, bbqs, toilets, picnic shelters, on-site parking, close to ferry wharf | More details |

Morrison Bay Park, Putney

Playgrounds along parramatta river

Address: Frances Street, Putney | Summary: small to medium playground, best suited for kids 3-7yrs, bark ground, some natural shade, path to ride on around playground, exercise equipment around playground, playground away from water on the opposite side to sports fields (where you will find toilets, bbqs and water re-fill station) | More details |

Playgrounds Nearby to Mortlake Side

We’ve spent a fair amount of time lately exploring the lovely playgrounds nearby to the Mortlake side of the Putney Punt. The newest of them is the playground at Wangal Reserve, right near the Mortlake Ferry entrance/ exit.

Cabarita Park has been a favourite of ours for a few years but there’s also playgrounds at Prince Edward Park and Bayview Park – where you can now swim as well. And there are a lot more cafes on this side of the Putney Punt around Mortlake, Cabarita and Concord.

Wangal Reserve, Mortlake

Wangal Reserve Mortlake

Cabarita Park, Cabarita

Cabarita Park

Address: Cabarita Park, Cabarita Road, Cabarita | Summary: medium playground, best suited for kids 2-10yrs, open, sand ground, grassed area, toilets, water re-fill station, on-site parking, swimming pools, bbqs throughout park, beach to swim at, ferry wharf, cafe | More details |

Bayview Park, Concord

Bayview Park Concord

Address: end of Burwood Road, Concord | Summary: small to medium playground, best suited for kids 2-8yrs, open, sand ground, shade sail, BBQs, picnic shelter, toilets, beach area on the river, path along the foreshore, wharf, netted swimming spot | More details |

Prince Edward Park, Cabarita

Prince Edward Park | Cabarita

Address: End of Phillips Street, Cabarita | Summary: small to medium playground, best suited for kids 2-5yrs, open, softfall ground, nautical theme, BBQs, picnic shelter, toilets, access to the water, walk along the foreshore | More details |

Edwards Park, Concord

Edwards Park

Address: Brewer Street, Concord | Walking Distance to Cafe: 150m to The Backyard at Briars | Summary: Medium playground, best suited to 2-6yrs, shade cloth, toilets, bubbler, path to ride on | More Details |

Finding Putney Punt

You can access the Putney Punt/ Mortlake Ferry from either Hilly Street in Mortlake or Pellisier Road in Putney. Want to take the kids on the car ferry by foot, for something a bit different? It is easier to park on the Mortlake side, though there is still only limited street parking. On the Putney side, the street parking is further away up a hill. Or you can park in Putney Park and walk around.


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