We couldn’t help but check out the renovated Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre a one day after it re-opened in April 2017. And have gone lots of times since.

Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre

We really like the water playground, with it’s wide slide. And the layout and combination of indoor and outdoor pools at the Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre.

Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre

This pool is by far the best value for money for families with young kids. For the same price as entry to a number of local outdoor pools, you get access to indoor pools, outdoor pool and fun water playground. Plus the facilities are a lot nicer.

Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre Lidcombe

There were a number of teething problems when it first opened. And even though we’ve had an awesome time every time we’ve gone over the last year, the service isn’t always the same.


Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre has a 50m outdoor Olympic pool with grand stand, indoor 25m pool, outdoor water polo pool, indoor family leisure and toddler pools and indoor program pool. I had never visited the centre before it was renovated, so have nothing to compare to, but hear that the outdoor pool area is pretty much the same.

Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre

All pools at the Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre are heated. The outdoor pool is definitely the warmest though.

Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre Lidcombe

And each pool has disability access. This is also great for kids as each pool has a ramp of zero depth entry.

Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre

The indoor leisure pool is zero depth entry and goes to 1.1m at its deepest. There are a number of water fountains around this pool, plus a mega water mushroom with spa jets underneath.

Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre

Strangely to me, the water is colder in the inside leisure pool compared with the outside 50m. And the toddler pool is the same temperature as the leisure pool.

Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre Lidcombe

The program pool on the other hand is gorgeously warm and they sometimes let the general public use it. It has views over the water playground.

Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre
Program pool

Outdoor Water Playground

We really enjoy water playgrounds and like them even more at a pool – where you can combine splash and swim fun. My boys and I have given the water playground at Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre a great workout… literally up and down those stairs and slide again and again and again each time we visit! We love that the three of can go down together. I would recommend the slide for 3yrs+ but it depends on how comfortable your child is with water and how much of a daredevil they are.

The water playground consists of:

  • a water tower with a massive bucket, wide slide and water fountains
  • circle of smaller tipping buckets
  • large mushroom
  • fountains and jets
  • water pistols that can be swivelled

Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre

Now be warned – there has been a change to the water playground! There’s lots of water coming up from the stairs that lead to the slide. It’s absolutely impossible to avoid it so embrace being completely soaked by the time you get to the top. And make sure to keep your mouth shut ;-)

Around the water playground, there are heaps of shade umbrellas as well as synthetic grass to sit on and a few artworks to enjoy.

Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre
Nursery rhyme mosaics

Keep in mind that the water playground, or splash pad as they call it, doesn’t operate all the time. During school holidays, it is on from 10am – 5pm every day. And on a school day, it is on from 2pm to 5pm on warm days.

Other Facilities

In addition to the five pools and water playground, Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre has:

  • Family change rooms
  • Hot showers
  • Lockers
  • Kiosk
  • Gym

My two wish list items would be a few more water features in the leisure pool and a fence around the water playground or gated entry back into the pools, like they have at Birrong Leisure Centre. I can imagine when it is busy out there, that it wouldn’t take much for a little kid to slip back inside to the pool area. And I actually witnessed it happen recently.

Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre Lidcombe

Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre is roughly the same distance for me as going to Sydney Olympic Park, Epping Aquatic Centre and Wentworthville Swimming Centre. As indoor pools go, entry is cheaper, it’s a LOT less busy and it’s easier to park at the Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre than Sydney Olympic Park. And as outdoor pools go, it’s the same entry price as Epping and Wentworthville Pools but has the added benefit of a water playground, indoor pools and better toilets and change rooms. Though we love those pools for lots of other reasons.

Entry Fees

General entry is $6.20 for adults and spectators are $3.70. Kids under 5yrs are free and for children 5-16yrs, the entry fee is $4.60. A family pass is just $20.50. For kids swimming lessons, it was $20 per week for a 30min lesson plus unlimited access to the pool when we checked in 2018.

Opening Hours

The Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre is open daily from 6am to 8pm – normally closes at 7pm but hours have just been extended for summer. It’s open every day of the year, except Christmas Day and Good Friday.

Finding Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre

Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre is located along the A6, between Auburn and Lidcombe train stations. It is about 8.5kms south east from Parramatta CBD. There is free street parking out the front and a off-street parking area just down from the centre. Pram and wheel chair access is via a ramp to the left of the centre’s entrance.

Points of Interest Nearby

Auburn Botanic Gardens


  1. i am a normal 5yrs boy’s father. just want to tell all do not come here Auburn Ruth Everuss Aquatic Centre for your life.

    i booked a swimming class two weeks ago and paid already. but when i come on time still nobody know who is my son’s coach and asked me one by one to check the paperlist, that time my son was falling down water. my wife was calling help, however three Coachs and one lifeguard didn’t do anything. finally i save my son out of water although i can not swimming.

    the duty manager did not say sorry to us and told me the lifeguard is not a baby sitter and Coach they do have responsibility to care my son. i am very shocking. this is life! this is 5yrs old kid life! i so upset this is here duty manager saying.