It’s no secret that we LOVE Parramatta River. And the potential it has to be an amazing world-class river for thousands of families and wildlife to enjoy! A living river where people and wildlife can swim, splash and enjoy time on its shores. A Parramatta River packed full of life!

The Parramatta River Catchment Group (PRCG) today launched the Parramatta River Masterplan. It sets out the 10 steps required to make key parts of Parramatta River swimmable again. And is based on scientific studies and community consultations. We HIGHLY recommend you have a read. It simply outlines the current health of Parramatta River and how we can all help make it swimmable again.

Parramatta River

The PRCG is an alliance of councils, government agencies and community groups (including ParraParents) who working together to make the Parramatta River swimmable again by 2025. The ten-step Masterplan has had input from 35 agencies and more than 15,000 community members throughout its creation.

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

With this year on track to be among the hottest years since records began, having local swimming spots to cool off is vital for the growing population of Western Sydney.  The Parramatta River was once one of Sydney’s favourite swimming spots…and it can be again!

Lake Parramatta
Lake Parramatta 1938 (photo credit: State Library of NSW)

While the river has been improving over the last few decades, if we don’t act now with a comprehensive management plan, the new pressures placed on Sydney’s infrastructure will likely see the river degrade. The Parramatta River catchment area is currently home to over 750,000 residents, with significant infrastructure development around the river underway and an expected 64% increase in high density residential development by 2025.

Water quality modelling shows that water quality can be improved, even with predicted development in the catchment. However this will require additional management interventions. This is why the Masterplan has been developed, to ensure there is a committed plan of action to improve the river’s shores and clean its waters. Creating a home for nature and an oasis for the millions of people who live near it.

Making Parramatta River Swimmable Again

We all have a role in making the river swimmable again. Things like good management of building sites, picking up your dog’s droppings and not littering are just three ways we can all help create a swimmable river. By taking action now, we will ensure the river keeps improving and create an amazing legacy for ourselves and our future generations to enjoy.

New Swimming Sites

A central part of the Masterplan are the new swimming locations at Putney Park, McIlwaine Park in Rhodes East and Bayview Park in Concord to open by 2025. And nine other sites are still under consideration. This will increase options for swimmability in years to come for the Central Sydney region. Sadly though, some parts of the river will never be swimmable.

1Putney Park | Putney

2McIlwaine Park | Rhodes East

3Bayview Park | Concord

Current Swimming Sites

Current swimming sites at Cabarita Park beach, Chiswick Baths, Dawn Fraser Baths and Lake Parramatta.

4Cabarita Park | Cabarita

5Lake Parramatta | North Parramatta

6Chiswick Baths | Chiswick

Photo credit: The Guardian

Finding the Current and Future Swimming Spots Along Parramatta River