WIN a Family Pass to Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium at Riverside Theatres

Thanks to Riverside Theatres, you can win a family pass to Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium on Tuesday 27th June at 6:30pm, valued at $105.


Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium is the aqua-fantastic follow-up to the internationally loved and celebrated Erth’sDinosaur Zoo™. This interactive puppet show features colossal sized creatures and not-so-big beasts that the team at Erth have spent years collecting for their giant aquarium. And now children are invited to dive in and meet these aquatic critters in person.

Performances for kids Riverside TheatresThis stunning new work will take your family to new depths, with giant puppets of the world’s most amazing prehistoric sea creatures.

Show Details

Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium is recommended for kids 5yrs+, though I am taking my 4yr. There are three performance – Tuesday 27 June at 6:30pm (Auslan Interpreted Performance) and Wednesday 28 June at 10am and 1pm. Tickets can be purchased online and range in price from $20-$30, with a family pass $105.Performances for kids Riverside Theatres

The show goes for 50 minutes, with no interval, and there is a 20 minute Q&A for the daytime shows. Note: This production contains theatrical smoke haze effects.

How to WIN a Family Pass to Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium

Performances for kids Riverside Theatres
ParraParents top pick of performances for kids @ Riverside Theatres

COMPETITION HAS NOW CLOSED – Losa Lepaio has won the family pass.

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  13. The prize is a family pass (four tickets) to Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium on Tuesday 27th June at 6:30pm at Riverside Theatres, valued at $105.
  14. The prize is not redeemable for cash.
  15. The tickets will be available to pick up from the Riverside Theatres box office prior to the performance. 
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  1. Earth prehistpric aquarium – because there is nothing like helping our little ones discover a part of the earth that is really so inaccessible.

  2. Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium! With a prehistoric creatures obsessed child, this would be an amazing adventure in education and spectacular visuals to go with it!

  3. Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium – winning these tickets would blow my little ones minds, puppets in lifesize with all those colours whats not to love!

    • Congratulations – you are the winner of the family pass to see Erth’s Prehistoris Aquarium on Tuesday 27th June at 6:30pm.

  4. Some fantastic shows but my first choice would have to be Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium. How exciting would it be for my kids to attend an evening show and Dad gets to share in their wonder too. Absolutely love that the show is interactive!

  5. Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium, my son loves anything Prehistoric.It would be great to see something in the local area.

  6. Mr Snot Bottom’s Seriously Stinky Songs – both kids love poo and fart jokes. They can’t wait to giggle at this show!

  7. Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium …………as we just got off a cruise so anything to do with the water and marine life my children are very interested in right now.

  8. Well doesnt Mr Snot Bottom sound perfecr for a bunch of smelly pre teen boys ??? im sure they woould love ir!

  9. Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium – the preview video looks amazing and my 5 yo daughter is obsessed with puppets. Thank you for offering this competition.

  10. Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium! This looks fantastic and I’d love to take my kids to experience this unique, sensational and educational show at the Riverside theatre. It will definitely be news to report back at school. Cheers !

  11. Mr Snot Bottom’s Seriously Stinky Songs looks completely and utterly hilarious, if not a little gross!

  12. Mr Snot Bottom’s Seriously Stinky Song! My boys will definitely like the silliness, hilarious and disgusting jokes!

  13. Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium. My son is obsessed with a prehistoric shark called a megladon which has led to an interest in all prehistoric sea animals. He would be completely immersed and in awe of this show!

  14. My developmentally delayed boy would find any of these shows amazing but I think Grug and the Rainbow would bring out the comic in him.

  15. Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium… sound both educational and fun.. great special effects
    And I’m sure my 3 kids would enjoy it and so would I! ☺️

  16. Would have to be prehistoric sea creatures of course. Looks amazing for the whole family to enjoy.

  17. My kids saw the original Erth’s production a couple of years ago, so would love love LOVE to see their latest with Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium. My kids had the opportunity to chat to some of the puppeteers after the show, and they said this would be their next production so we have been hanging out for it! Us adults too!!

  18. I would take my kids to see Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium
    As their excitement will turn to delirium!
    Adventure to the bottom of the sea
    To unlock earth’s greatest mystery,
    Can’t wait to see this show with them!

  19. My son and I are looking forward to going to the Jungle Book in August. He’s really looking forward to seeing his first live puppet show!

  20. Mr. Snot bottom’s seriously stinky songs would definitely appeal to our little man (why wouldn’t it?), but it would probably be better to take the whole family to the age-appropriate Grug and the Rainbow. Our 2 kids love the simplicity of Grug stories and books. They will be delighted to see him in a puppet show that will bring him to life.

    We will greatly appreciate this family pass to Earth’s prehistoric aquarium as we will not be able to watch it otherwise.

    Thank you!

  21. My kids are most looking forward to seeing Mr Snotbottom – it’s all in the name isn’t it? 😉

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