Considering how much coffee parents of young kids drink and our need to find fun little play outings, you really would think that there’d be more cafes near all the wonderful playgrounds we have around. But sadly they are rather rare. Thankfully the ones we do have are little gems, like Cafe on Ventura with the small playground at Sorlie Avenue Reserve just down the stairs.

Cafe on Ventura Sorlie Avenue Reserve Northmead
View of Cafe on Ventura from the playground

Cafe on Ventura has that cosy, welcoming feel to it, helped by the friendly staff. There are only a few tables inside, but lots more outside where you can easily fit a pram or two.

Cafe on Ventura Northmead

We arrived after spending the morning bushwalking and flying kites so needed a little afternoon sugar hit. My kids enjoyed the kids ‘exciting’ milkshakes that comes with the top rim dipped in chocolate and covered in sprinkles. It was a BIG hit with Mr 3. And I enjoyed a nice cuppa with a delicious lemon and lime tart.

We look forward to coming back and trying out more on the menu, which looks yummy and reasonably priced.

Ventura Road slopes down from Windsor Road, so Cafe on Ventura sits above the playground next door in Sorlie Avenue Reserve.

Cafe on Ventura Sorlie Avenue Reserve Northmead

This means there isn’t line of sight to the playground from the cafe unfortunately. So the kids will need to play before or after visiting the cafe (sadly not during, while you are enjoying your coffee in peace).

Cafe on Ventura Sorlie Avenue Reserve Northmead

The playground is only small, with a birds nest swing and climbing play gym. But it is the perfect size for a quick play before or after visiting the cafe with kids under 5.

There are two wooden slate type seats over the sandstone walls near the playground, which make a nice spot to sit. And we understand Cafe on Ventura has approached Council about getting a picnic table put in the reserve.

Cafe on Ventura Sorlie Avenue Reserve Northmead

Keep in mind that there is a sloped path that runs through the small reserve, passed the play equipment, straight out to Sorlie Ave. And little ones will be tempted to run down it. This park could really do with a fence around it!

Cafe on Ventura Sorlie Avenue Reserve Northmead

Finding Cafe on Ventura

Cafe on Ventura is as the name suggests, on Ventura Road, which is not far from where Windsor Road meets the M2. There is nose to kerb parking at the little set of shops. And you can also get by one of the many buses that go along Windsor Road.

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