Box of Chocolates Cake – Sure to Impress but Simple to Make

Box of Chocolate Cake

My hubby loves chocolate and when I saw this box of chocolates cake earlier this year on Pinterest, I knew right away what I would be making for his birthday cake.

This birthday cake was actually used to celebrate three birthdays in the end so I used two favourite chocolates from each person, so there were six different chocolates in the box.

It was super easy to put together once I had made and iced the cake, probably taking 30mins to do – still laugh at the fact that I ended up one kit kat short, but just used a row of block chocolate instead.


  1. Make or buy slab cake – I made two 22cm square easy chocolate cakes from Donna Hays classic cookbook.
  2. Cover it in icing, starting with a bit on the bottom to stick the cake down. I used a divine buttercream chocolate ganache that I adapted from this recipe by using milk chocolate instead of white chocolate, adding a bit of cocoa and a little extra cream.

    Box of Chocolates Cake
    Two square 22cm chocolate cakes being iced with chocolate ganache buttercream
  3. Stick kit kat’s around the outside and secure with a ribbon.
  4. Use chomps, flakes, or rows of block chocolate to divide the cake into sections.

    Box of Chocolates Cake
    Six sections to the box of chocolates cake
  5. Fill each section with different chocolate treats. My cake was to celebrate three birthday’s so I decorated it with two favourite chocolate treats for each person.

    Box of Chocolate Cake
    Box of Chocolate Cake
  6. Enjoy!

Things to Keep in Mind

  • If your cake isn’t that high (in comparison to the length of the kit kats), you will need to use more chocolates to fill the box.
  • The cake can be heavy once all the chocolates are on.
  • Deconstructing it to serve is a little tricky – just remove ribbon and kit kat’s first 🙂

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