It’s hard to miss the major renovations taking place at Wenty Leagues when visiting or driving past. For almost a year, it has been a construction site (and still is) as they build a new multi-level carpark (now open), new dining area (now open), new reception area (in progress) and of course what we’ve all been waiting for, a new kids play area! From the looks of this, the renovated club will be bigger and better.

The new dining area is called The Plaza and it’s where you’ll find the new ‘Clubby House’ kids play area – sort of to the right of where the old one was. The Plaza is Wenty Leagues new casual dining and entertainment precinct. And is sort of like a fancy food court, with four different eateries around the outside and a range of places to enjoy your meal in the middle. Plus there’s an outdoor eating area with a bar and big tv screen.

Both the Plaza and kids play area opened on Monday 11th February. And we popped in quickly before school pick up so only had time to play. But will be back soon to taste test the new restaurants. And before we show you around the new kids play area, make sure you bring socks with you! Otherwise you will have to buy some for $2 a pair at reception,

I reckon the new kids play area is about 3 times the size of the old one. And is complete with two party rooms, separate toddler room, games area, movie room and mega climbing play gym. Plus a parents room next door with mini me toilets and sink.

Wenty Leagues Wentworthville

Like the old play area, the new Clubby House is sectioned off from the dining area. Guessing this has been done for noise control but it also means that it’s not possible to eat your meal with an eye on the kids unfortunately…. there’s no longer dining tables along the glass wall of the kids play area like the old one had.

Wenty Leagues Wentworthville

There are though stools to sit on just outside the play area and inside for parents to watch over little ones.

Wenty Leagues Wentworthville

The separate play room for toddlers is on the right once you enter. It has a small climbing play gym and vertical interactive panels.

Next is a games area with air hockey, some racing games and what I refer to as pokies for kids. 🙁 And the party rooms are on the other side.

Once you’ve past the games area and party rooms, you are greeted by the mega climbing play gym. There are a few different entry and exit points and a whole lot of climbing, slides, bridges and tunnels in between.

Now the sign says that the play gym is designed for kids 3-12yrs. But my little adventurer Mr 4yr was hesitant to go on his own so I joined him in the end. We were though the only ones in there and it was dark in parts.

Wenty Leagues Wentworthville
Usage rules for the climbing play gym

Be WARNED parents if you need to enter the climbing play gym – it’s hard on your knees! Think crawling on large lego pieces. And its a tight fit!

Wenty Leagues Wentworthville

But it was also fun being at the top and then sliding down.

And when the kids tire after all the climbing and sliding, they can chill out in the tv room, which seems to be constantly showing a kids movie.

Wenty Leagues Wentworthville

Party Rooms

Only one party room was finished when we visited. The other seems to be a bit of a storage room at the moment.

Wenty Leagues Wentworthville

Parents Room

To the right of the kids play area, just before entering, is the parents room. There are baby change tables, a breastfeeding room and two large toilet cubicles with mini me toilets. The sink also has a smaller version for the kids and those new tap come dryer sinks for parents.

Tiny Tots TuesdayTiny Tots Tuesday Wenty Leagues

If you have little ones, then you may want to time visit during the week with the weekly Tiny Tots program.


Every Tuesday morning at the new time of 9:30am to 11:30am, there is FREE kids entertainment, with a different themed activity each week.

Finding Wenty Leagues

Wenty Leagues can be accessed from South Street or Great Western Sydney (if travelling east). There is a brand new multi-level carpark, plus the old outdoor ground level parking. We were disappointed that no pedestrain walk ways exist within the carpark making it hard to safely navigate through the carpark to the lift and entrance. We understand that a new entrance from the carpark to the club will be installed this year.

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