8 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Kid-Friendly

Bathroom Kid-Friendly 8 Ways to Make Your Bathroom a Kid-Friendly Place
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Bathrooms and small kids can be a challenging mix. Kids can be downright little mess generators. Add to that all of the potential dangers lurking in the bathroom, and you’ve got a potential problem. However, there are tried and true ways to make your bathroom look amazing, while also making it safe and convenient for your little ones. Here are my eight top ways to making your bathroom kid-friendly.

1Prevent Scalding

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Scalding, unfortunately, is a very real possibility when you have kids. In fact, scalds are the most common type of burns among kids. It could happen during a bath, or even when they are just washing their hands. Prevention is much better than dealing with pain, injuries and scars. Consider installing anti-scald valves, that control the flow of hot water and prevent sudden temperature changes. Better safe than sorry!

2A Non-Slip Zone

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Falls in the bathroom can be pretty serious issues. In general, there are plenty of hard surfaces all crammed into a relatively small space. All the water just makes things worse, as it’s very easy to slip on wet tiles or even in the bathtub. Prevent nasty fall-related injuries by removing the slippery factor. There are plenty of cheap and cute rubber bathtub mats to choose from. Well-sized rugs on the floor can serve several purposes. Not only do they prevent slipping, they also provide a much more comfortable and warmer feel, and emphasise beautiful bathtubs.

3Step Up

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If you have small children, they might have trouble climbing on the toilet seat or reaching the sink by themselves. Instead of following them around all day and helping them, support their independence in a very simple and cheap way. All you need is a sturdy step stool, and you’ll be surprised at how much your toddler can do on her own.

4Lock It Up

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For one reason or another, most of the things you have in the bathroom should be kept away from children. You probably don’t want them getting into your makeup case, or your expensive moisturizer. Not to mention that plenty of bathroom staples, like medication and cleaning products, are downright dangerous for little ones. You should have plenty of closed storage space for items that you don’t want your kids touching. It’s better to childproof early. Your kid might not be able to open a cabinet door one day, and then surprise you the next.

5Open Up Where It Counts

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Childproofing aside, there are some things that your kids should be able to reach easily. Consider leaving some shelves open. They could come in handy for keeping fresh towels, toothbrushes, bath toys and similar harmless items.

6Make It Cheerful

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Kids love bold colors and cheerful prints. There’s no need to install tiny sanitary ware, but there are still ways to make them feel like the bathroom is as much their space as it is yours. Brighten the place up with colorful details, such as wacky shower curtains.

7Easy Cleaning

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Cleaning with children in the house can be a real pain. Make your life easier by creating a space that is easy to keep clean. Consider wainscoting or full-wall tile. Choose tiles that don’t show every single water stain. Tile grout can be a breeding ground for mold, so it might be more practical to choose larger tiles and minimize grouting. Avoid clutter and too many details. Go for a minimalist approach with just a few details to brighten it up.

8Keep It Spotless

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Finally, to be safe for your kids, a bathroom needs to be clean. If you are having trouble keeping up, create a cleaning schedule.

Turning your bathroom into a kid-friendly place can make parenthood at least a little bit easier. If you know the bathroom is safe and adapted to your little one’s needs, that can help promote your kids’ independence. You will be able to let them go to the bathroom by themselves much earlier. And there will be much less mess to clean up.