Eye tests for children


I was 6 years old when I complained to my mother about having issues with my vision. I was lying of course. People in my class were getting glasses and I wanted one too! Turns out I actually did have an issue. I had an astigmatism in my left eye and had I been taken to an optometrist at a younger age, they would have been able to rectify it.

This memory led me to search for eye tests for children and I came across something interesting on the Rhodes Waterfront website. OPSM offers a very cool eye test for children.

Penny the Pirate Eye Test

Penny the pirate is a book that OPSM has developed for you to test your child’s vision.
Written into the story are three eye screening tests One for distance vision, another for colour vision and one for depth perception.

The Penny the Pirate kit is available as a book or an app. It has everything you need to perform the screenings yourself. You can collect a Penny the Pirate kit from OPSM or download the app on a device with a screen larger than 7″
Penny the pirate app

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Penny the Pirate app

You can find more information about  Penny the Pirate on the OPSM page