Yuck, here comes 40+ degree days! To help keep you and your kids safe during hot weather, here are some standard things you should do:

  • Stay inside with air conditioning or fans
  • Make sure you, your kids and pets drink plenty of water
  • Avoid strenuous physical activity, alcohol, hot or sugary drinks
  • Wear light, loose-fitting clothing
  • Don’t leave kids or pets in parked cars
  • Put water out in shady areas for wildlife
  • Check on elderly neighbours and relatives
  • Review your bushfire survival plan

Hacks and Tips for Keeping Your Family Cool

10 Hacks and Tips for Keeping Your Family Cool

Here are 10 other things to do to really help keep your family cool, thanks to our fab Parramatta District Mums online community.

1Get Wet

Go for a swim at a local pool, splash at a water playground, head to the beach or jump in the bath tub – or put the hose in the backyard (as long as there aren’t any water restrictions!). Wet is wet and will instantly cool everyone down.

2Water Spray Bottle

Keep water spray bottles handy and let the kids spray themselves and each other to cool down. They are best filled with cool water or stored in the fridge.

3Play with Ice

Get out some ice cubes, along with some tongs, cups, spoons and spray bottles, and let the kids have fun moving the ice around and melting it. You can also add some froze peas or berries for a bit of colour. Then there is a frozen toy treasure hunt and ice eggs that you can do with the kids.

4Frozen Treats

There are lots of options here. Store bought ice creams and ice blocks are a good start or you can easily make your own frozen yoghurtfruit popsicles and pretty popsicles. Then you can also freeze pineapple rings or mango cheeks for a great cold treat.

5Close Your Blinds/ Curtains

Keep curtains and blinds closed during the day to block the heat and direct sunlight. It may also be worthwhile to stick up some extra curtains.

6Wear a Frozen Wet Cloth

There’s debate about where its best to wear a frozen wet cloth – back of the neck, cheeks, feet, behind the knees or wrists. But they all seem to work for me! And bubs will love sucking on them, particularly if they are teething.

7Freeze Water Bottles

Take a frozen water bottle with you when you go outside. The ice will quickly melt and you will get to enjoy ice cold water.

8Place a Bowl of Ice in Front of a Fan

Just add some ice and water to a bowl and place in front of a fan for a cool breeze.

9Don’t Cook

Eat cold food (eg cold meats and salad), reheat pre-prepared meals or get take away.

10Avoid Using Certain Appliances and Lights

Halogen lights, dishwashers, cooking appliances and dryers all produce heat. Avoid using them during the hottest part of the day.

Final Tip – Heading East

One last hot tip is to head east to the city/ coast if you can. Temperatures can be up to 10 degrees cooler there compared with Parramatta!

keeping your family cool

And if you are after some inspiration on activities to do while it is hot, here are our 10 favourite things to do to cool off that are free/ cheap.