Kids Bedroom Ideas


Our little girls have been sleeping next to mum and dad for a while and we finally decided it was time for Santa to bring them a bedroom! I naturally turned to the internet for some ideas and inspiration and thought I’d share some of those here. Hope these¬†pictures and ideas help you out too.

1Stage and Fancy Dress Corner

A stage and fancy dress station

This is a lovely idea if you have the space for it. I really wanted to incorporate the stage but didn’t have the room. Still trying to work out where I can create it. This picture was found on pinterest with no link back that works.

2Storage Bench

A clever idea for storage and seating. Refresh Living US has written a great post on how to achieve this look.

3Behind the Door Bookshelf

Behind the door bookshelf

The space behind the door when it opens is often unused. Design Sponge came up with this great idea to book some bookshelves behind it.

Super Hero Fancy Dress

Back to the fancy dress, this is a simpler idea if you do not have the space for the first option. We were lacking in space and drew some inspiration from this picture.

Geometric Wall

Colour is a great idea for kids. This geometric wall is fantastic! I certainly don’t have the patience to do something like this but think it looks awesome.

Well this is so cute! You can use this storage shelf and turn it into a grocery store. Shame we don’t have the space or patience to put this together.

Magnetic Track

This is a fantastic idea. Apparently you can get magnetic paint to do this. You don’t even need to make it a race track. Get your creative juices flowing and enjoy.

8Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden

Get a tiny house from Kmart as well as a fairy door and you can create an awesome little fairy garden like this.

Night Sky Ceiling

I really want to get this done in my bedroom too. These ceilings are invisible by day but when it is dark, it emulates the night sky. I have seen a few companies in Australia advertise this but naturally I cannot find any links to their businesses now.

10Our Room

Beds and Tables

We took some inspiration from these rooms but decided to keep it a bit more calm and relaxed for now. We created a fancy dress station using a clothes stand as well as a mirror with some hooks from Ikea. We used 2 white beds from Super Amart as well as bedside tables from ikea. We repurposed the bookshelf we purchase from Only Online to be between both bedside tables. Infront of the beds, we put a storage bench. Between the beds we put a cute round table with 2 chairs from Kmart. On the bedside tables we put a music box from Kmart, a cloud night light also from Kmart and phones that are connected to each other again from Kmart. They can make phone calls to each other <3.

11Our Room Continued

Fancy Dress

This is the view looking at the fancy dress station.