Work started on 15th March to demolish the existing playground and upgrade Acacia Park. You can see more details about the upgrade on the Participate Parramatta website.

Below is our review of the old playground, which we will update once the new one opens in June.

I have been driving past Acacia Park a few times a week for the last few years but only stopped for a play at the playground yesterday. My kids were too small for the play equipment until recently and now we are spoilt for choice, with lots of great larger playgrounds in the area. The playground at Acacia Park does make for a great little play and would suit us for an afternoon pit stop on the way to the library.

Acacia Park

The playground is full fenced with a synthetic grass ground. It gets some shade from the surrounding trees but it best avoided on a hot summers day.

Acacia Park

Within the playground, there is:

  • Swings (with a toddler seat)
  • Monkey bars
  • Climbing play gym with slide, climbing ramp, shop, steering wheels and fire truck front.
  • Lily pad, chain bridge

Around the playground, and through the park, there is a footpath that doubles well as a scooter track.

This playground is in need of some TLC! And we are happy to report that it will receive an upgrade in 2019 thanks to NSW Gov’t funding. Community consultations will be carried out in 2018, with the design expected to be finalised in the first part of 2019.

Finding Acacia Park

Acacia Park is perched at the top of the hill on Evans Road, up just from the Telopea shops. The playground is best accessed from Lord Ave, where there is street parking. While not far from Telopea train station, the walk does involve two steep hills. Buses however run along Evan Rd going to Parramatta, West Ryde and Chatswood.

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