Buruwang Park NewingtonThere are currently four different playgrounds along Newington Boulevard. With three of them having been upgraded in the last few years and all great for little ones. And now Buruwang Park playground is getting it’s upgrade…. though we quite liked the old playground.

The playground at Buruwang Park was really good for a local playground, with wooden play equipment, lots of natural shade and challenging climbing equipment for young kids.

The original proposed upgrade of Buruwang Park involved also this playground for children under 5yrs. This would have meant none of the playgrounds in Newington catered for children 7 to 12 years. Thankfully after our feedback, and that of other families, Council agreed to ensure the new play equipment continued to cater for primary school aged children.

Buruwang Park Newington

Buruwang Park is set down from the road on the eastern side of Newington Boulevard. And there is a retaining wall in between the playground and road, which is also good for kids to walk along.

The upgrade is now complete.

Buruwang Park Newington

Here are photos of the old playground for comparison.

Buruwang Park Newington

Buruwang Park Newington

Buruwang Park Newington

Through Buruwang Park is a path good for riding on. Plus a picnic shelter, bubbler, park benches and a decent sized grassed area to run around on.

Finding Buruwang Park

Buruwang Park is along Newington Boulevard, just down the road from Pierre de Coubertin Park and not too far from the new playground for little ones at Cumberland Park. It is only a 550m walk from Newington Marketplace where you will find toilets and cafes.

There is street parking and buses run along Newington Boulevard.

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