Have a little kid learning to ride a scooter or bike? Or one who just loves to ride and you are on the look out for cool tracks? Well dinky tracks are for you! A dinky track is a special purpose built bike/ scooter track that mimics a road and are safe for kids to ride on. They have road markings and street signs. Plus the really good dinky tracks have roundabouts, zebra crossings and traffic lights.

Jason Place Reserve North Rocks

Below are all the dinky tracks we know of within 30mins of Parramatta. There are 26 in total. Half are in the City of Parramatta Council area and two are fully fenced. The newest dinky track can be found at Deakin Park in Silverwater.

Livvis's Place Elara Marsden Park
NEW dinky track within the fenced playground at Livvis’s Place Elara

The list includes some pretty cool ones, like the ones at Strathfield Park, Ryde Park and Livvis’s Place Elara. We have also included a few dinky tracks in other parts of Sydney. Ones that have the WOW factor and worth travelling to. Our dinky tracks list starts with the best ones and finishes with the more simpler learn to ride tracks. Only a few have some natural shade over the trade and we have marked these with a ⛱️.

Looking for other parks where the kids can ride at? Well most have a good amount of concrete paths that can double as bike/ scooter paths for kids. See all the parks we’ve reviewed with ‘bike paths’ here.

1Strathfield Park, Strathfield ⛱️

Address: Chalmers Road, Strathfield | Summary: The large learn to ride track at Strathfield Park is still our favourite! The road signs are the perfect height for young kids, there are traffic lights (pretend), roundabouts, zebra crossings and lots of natural shade. Plus, there are picnic shelters, BBQS, toilets and a fun small playground nearby. The dinky track is best accessed from Chalmers Road. And on the Homebush Road side, there is a large fab playground with four big slides, flying foxes, shaded toddler area, nature based play elements and climbing. Plus open grassed areas, natural shade and shade sails, toilets, picnic shelters and bbqs. | More Info |

2Ryde Park, Ryde

Address: Argyle Ave, Ryde | Summary: The awesome dinky track at Ryde Park is a close second favourite! It’s fully fenced, with gates at both the carpark and park entrances. And one of the largest ones, making it easy to ride a bike on. There’s on-site parking, shaded picnic tables, bubbler and fenced dog off leash area next door. The scooter/ bike track has roundabouts, traffic lights, (low) road signs, zebra crossing and parking, but currently no shade over the track. Plus Ryde Park has a playground, sports fields, cafe, sand pit, toilets, basket ball court and more.  | More Info |

3Holroyd Gardens, Merrylands

Address: Walpole Street, Merrylands | Summary: The dinky track at Holroyd Gardens actually looks like a miniature suburban road network. The large learn to ride track has wide ‘roads’, roundabouts, zebra crossing and road signs. There’s some natural shade over the track as well as park benches and toilets nearby. Next door, is a large playground, with a range of play equipment for different ages. Plus bbqs, picnic tables, ducks, on-site parking and toilets. | More Info |

Address: Corner of Elara Boulevard and Northbourne Drive, Marsden Park | Summary: This large fenced playground has one of the largest dinky tracks in Western Sydney! There’s a cute petrol station, roundabouts, traffic light signs and a wavey ramp. Plus there’s also a water playground, bbqs and lots more at this NEW playground. | More Info |

5Crestwood Reserve, Baulkham Hills ⛱️

Address: Peel Road, Baulkham Hills | Summary: This large park has two playgrounds, sports fields, community centre (with playgroup), bbqs, tennis courts and now a fab learn to ride track at the southern end. | More Info |

Address: Twickenham Avenue, Kellyville | Summary: The learn to ride track at Twickenham Ave Reserve is on the outskirts of Kellyville. The dinky track is complete with a round about, petrol pump, pedestrian crossing, road markings and signs. There is some natural shade over the scooter/ bike track in the morning and a covered picnic table, plus seats and a bubbler. The reserve also has play equipment, with a cool triple seat spinning swing, and another path for riding on. | More Info |

7Buffalo Creek Reserve, Hunters Hill

Address: Pittwater Rd, Hunters Hill | Summary: The dinky track at Buffalo Creek Reserve is long and in between the carpark (metered) and playground. There are roundabouts, cubby house, road signs and some natural shade over the scooter/ bike track. The playground has a shade sail and has play equipment for a mix of ages. There are toilets, bbqs and bushwalks nearby. | More Info |

8Coolong Reserve, Castle Hill

Opened early June 2018

Address: Coolong Street, Castle Hill | Summary: This learn to ride track is on a slope, making it a bit more fun for kids looking to zoom along! It has roundabouts, parking, zebra crossing and road signs. The park has two playgrounds, one open near the dinky track and another fenced one behind the amenities block. There are netball courts and on-site parking, plus BBQs, picnic tables and toilets. | More Info |

9McCoy Park, Toongabbie

Address: Edna Ave, Toongabbie | Summary: Tucked away in Toongabbie, is a great little scooter/ bike track complete with round abouts, lights and zebra crossings. Plus a playground, sports fields and dog-off leash area. | More Info |

10Reynolds Park, Toongabbie

Address: 2 Chanel St, Toongabbie | Summary: Around the castle themed playground at Reynolds Park, is a simple dinky track with road signs. There are also bbqs, picnic shelters and bushwalks. Unfortunately there are no toilets at the moment but they are currently being built. | More Info |

11Blenheim Park, North Ryde

Address: 16 Blenheim Rd, North Ryde | Summary: The dinky track at Blenheim Park is more of a bike track, with wide paths and challenges, like ramps. There is some natural shade over the track as it is set amongst trees. But this also means there isn’t line of sight around the track. In addition to the track, the large Blenheim Park has multiple play areas, bbqs, toilets, fenced dog off leash area, remote control car track, bush setting and on-site parking. | More Info |

Address: John Street, Rydalmere | Summary: The dinky track at Eric Primrose Reserve is a short walk/ ride from Rydalmere wharf. It has roundabouts and speed humps, plus some natural shade. Next to the scooter/ bike track is a small shaded playground and picnic table. You can see Parramatta River from the playground and further up towards Rydalmere wharf is a BBQ, picnic shelter and toilets. There is on-site parking. | More details |

13Lions Park, West Ryde

Address: 1141 Victoria Rd, West Ryde (car entry on Shaftsbury Rd) | Summary: Set behind the fun playground, the main attraction of the dinky track at Lions Park is the petrol station. The scooter/ bike track is circular, with a grassed area in the middle. It is slightly sloped so kids will have fun coming down the hill around to the petrol pump. There’s a shade cloth over the large sand pit, plus BBQs, bubbler, toilets and on-site parking. | More Info |

14Jones Park, Parramatta

Address: Banks Street, Parramatta | Summary: In the middle of Jones Park, there’s now a dinky track complete with petrol pump, signs, roundabout and road works area. And a fun tractor shaped climbing play gym. | More Info |

Address: Wrights Rd, Castle Hill | Summary: Across the road from Kellyville Village shopping centre (with the yummy The Local Trader and fenced play area), is a scooter/ bike track at Centenary of Anzac Reserve. It’s a medium sized dinky track with roundabouts, road signs and parking bay. Nearby is a small fenced playground, a large Community Centre and toilets. | More Info |

16Boronia Park, Epping ⛱️

Address: Bridge Street, Epping | Summary: Boronia Park ticks almost all the boxes for a great park! Fab shaded playground with equipment for a range of ages, toilets, bbqs, picnic tables, bush setting, gardens and exercise equipment. Plus a small to medium sized dinky track, with roundabout, under the shade of some nice large trees. | More Info |

17Jason Place Reserve, North Rocks

Address: Jason Place, North RocksSummary: The dinky track at Jason Place Reserve is a figure eight around the play equipment. There’s a roundabout, speed humps and pedestrian crossings. You’ll also find some lovely wooden play equipment and swings at this smallish playground. | More Details |

18Concord West Playground, Bicentennial Park

Address: 75A Victoria Ave, Concord West | Summary: Tucked away on the eastern side of Bicentennial Park is this dinky track at Concord West playground. The scooter/ bike track is small but has a roundabout and road markings. Plus there are lots of other paths to ride on. Including over to the other playground at Village Green and Waterview cafe. Next to the track is a great shaded playground, with equipment for a range of ages, toilets, picnic shelters and on-site parking. | More Info |

19Deakin Park, Silverwater

Address: Beaconsfield Street, Silverwater | Summary: Opening in July 2020, Deakin Park has the newest dinky track. It’s a figure eight around the play equipment. And there’s signs and a roundabout | More Info |

20Fairwater Park, Blacktown ⛱️

Opened June 2018

Address: Putters Circuit, Blacktown | Summary: dinky track set amongst the trees, with low road signs, zebra crossing and parking bays. There’s also some nature based play, a cafe and duck pond. | More Info |

Address: Corner of Mary St and Chisholm Rd, Auburn | Summary: The dinky track at Harold Moon Reserve goes around the construction themed playground. It has a zebra crossing, signs and road markings. The centrepiece of the playground is a giant, bright red steel steamroller. There are bbqs and a picnic shelter. The toilets are located in the middle of the sports fields and there’s also a bubbler and a lot of benches. | More Info |

22Douglass Ave Reserve, Carlingford

Address: Woodstock Road, Carlingford | Summary: The newest kid on the dinky track ;-) The new playground at Douglass Ave Reserve opened in October 2021 and is now located close to Woodstock Road. The dinky track goes around the outside of the play equipment. It is a small track, with a round about, a few signs and refuel station. At the playground, there’s a picnic table and across the road is a cafe and street library. | More Info |

23Upjohn Park, Rydalmere

Address: Kirby Street, Rydalmere | Summary: Almost fully surrounded by houses, it’s easy to miss Upjohn Park. The playground sits at the top south end of the large reserve and has a good amount of natural shade. The dinky track is next to it going down a hill. It is a large but simple scooter/ bike track, with a few signs and some markings. At the park, there are also bbqs, picnic shelters, toilets and a sports field, plus on-site parking. | More Info |

24Jim Walsh Park, Eastwood ⛱️

Address: Graham Ave, Eastwood | Summary: The dinky track at Jim Walsh Park is one of the simplest, but the track is wide and has lots of natural shade. There is also a creek, picnic shelters, toilets, bbqs, a fun small playground and grassed areas. | More Info |

Address: Bells Road, Oatlands | Summary: This is one of the smallest and simplest dinky tracks on this list, with just road markings. But the scooter/ bike track at Fred Robertson Reserve is great for little kids. Plus, there’s a yummy, family-friendly cafe, nice bush area to build teepees in and it’s at the start of the Vineyard Creek walk. | More Info |

26James Hoskin Reserve, Carlingford/ Eastwood

Address: Marook Street, Carlingford | Summary: The dinky track at James Hoskins Reserve is small and just has road markings. It goes around a swing set and picnic table. At the top of the reserve there is a playground, plus exercise equipment and lots of grassed area to play on. | More Info |

Other Bike and Scooter Tracks in Sydney Worth Visiting

27Sydney Park, Alexandria

Photo credit: Sydney Cycleways

Address: 404 Sydney Park Rd, Erskineville | Summary: the bike track at Sydney Park opened in 2015 and has the most bells and whistles of them all. There are exciting twists, turns and challenges to help riders of all abilities learn safe riding skills. It has wide paths, bridges, ‘stop and go’ signals, bike pump, tunnels, refuelling station and a front shop. Plus there are bbqs, picnic areas and a playground nearby. | More Info |

Photo credit: Campbelltown City Council

Address: end of King Street, Campbelltown | Summary: unlike all the other dinky tracks, this one is ONLY open on Sundays and during school holidays (10am to 3pm). The cool Bicycle Education and Road Safety Centre has two tracks. The main road circuit with street signs and traffic lights, and a junior track for toddlers. There is also a playground, bbqs, toilets, picnic shelters and grassed area. | More Info |

29Heffron Pedal Park, Maroubra

Address: 30 Jersey Road , Maroubra | Summary: Heffron Pedal Park has a large miniature road network, with road signs, road markings, roundabouts and road rule information signs. There is also a playground, toilets, picnic areas and parking. | More Info |

30Wheelie Park, The Gables Box Hill

31Brightmore Reserve, Cremorne

Photo credit: Hello Sydney Kids

Address: Young St, Cremorne | Summary: the special thing about this dinky track in Cremorne is the mini village, with shops, service station and fire station. The scooter/ bike track also road signs, roundabouts and zebra crossings. | More Info |

Map of Dinky Tracks