Domain Creek PlaygroundWe love playgrounds in a bush setting with nature based play elements and a variety of equipment for the kids to play with. And this is exactly what the fab Domain Creek playground at Parramatta Park has in spades. Plus, it’s great for a range of ages and a fun family outing.

I must confess that it took us a while to warm up to this playground. I guess because we really loved the old one it replaced at Salter Fields, which felt like a comfy pair of ugg boots. Compared with the new one, which was all shiny and bright and more suitable for slightly older kids. But Domain Creek Playground has been open now for about 5 years and it has fared well – plus really grown on us! My Mr 7 and Mr 5 regularly request going to Parramatta Park and we have a fantastic time at both this playground and the newer one – Paperbark Playground.

Set well back from the road, the Domain Creek playground has a number of different ‘circles'(areas), created by the change in flooring and equipment.

Domain Creek playground Parramatta Park
Aerial shot of Domain Creek Playground (photo credit: McGregor Coxall)

Each area will appeal to kids of slightly different ages and interests. And they are all connected by walkways.

Looking at the playground from the road, the equipment increases in the age it’s most suitable for as you move from right to left.

At the right end, there’s a sand pit enclosed on one side by a low rock wall great for little kids to walk on.

Domain Creek playground Parramatta Park

On the left end of the playground, about 100 metres away, is a flying fox that can be enjoyed by adults and kids of all abilities. And we love the addition of the self locking mechanism on the flying foxes. Definitely makes it so much easier to get on and means it can stay at the top until the next person wants a turn! Just remember to pull down to move it.

In between, there are a host of things to play with. From in-ground trampolines, merry-go-round, spinning chair, sit on diggers, water pumps, horizontal climbing net, musical instruments and swings.

To small slide, walking see saw, tall ‘elephant’ slide, bush cubby house and a big birds nest swing.

While I think Domain Creek playground is best suited for kids aged 2-12yrs, there are still things to keep the littler and bigger kids entertained.

Please keep in mind that there are two water pumps right in the middle of the playground. They are great on a hot summers day. But a bit annoying for parents in the winter months – kids still love to splash of course! So best to bring a change of clothes.

There’s also not a lot of shade, except some provided by the surrounding trees. So the metal equipment can get very hot on a summers day.

Other Facilities

There’s plenty of open space to kick a ball around, fly a kite or just run around. BBQs and picnic tables (which can be reserved) are situated right near the playground. There is also a new amenities block there as well.

Cafes Nearby

A new cafe is currently being built at Little Coogee, where sadly the Parramatta Park Cafe burnt down in 2016.

Parramatta Park Cafe Little Coogee

But there is a pop-up cafe at the George Street Gatehouse (after Grounds Keeper Cafe closed in 2019) – Georgie Boy. It’s near the newer playground at Pavilion Flat – Paperbark Playground. The current opening hours are 8am to 2pm, 7 days a week.

Georgie Boy Parramatta Park
Photo credit: Parramatta Park

Plus, there’s the Gatehouse Tearooms (next to the Macquarie Street entrance) that serves breakfast and light meals as well as high tea.

Finding Domain Creek Playground

Domain Creek Playground: Parramatta Park entrance

Domain Creek playground is located on the Westmead side of Parramatta Park.

There’s currently only one car entry point into the park – at the corner of Pitt and Macquarie Streets. This is due to the trial of the People’s Loop and the West Domain Ave being closed to cars. Make sure to provide feedback on the People’s Loop here!

Parramatta Park People's Loop
Map of the People’s Loop that’s being trialled until 19th July 2020

The playground is located right near the Queens Road entry (but that’s currently closed). There’s free parking within the park, though it can be difficult finding a spot on the weekend. Plus street parking just outside on Park Avenue.

The Parramatta transport interchange is also just under 2kms away and the Ferry Wharf is just over 2kms walk.

Places of Interest Nearby

Paperbark Playground Pavilion Flat Parramatta Park
Paperbark Playground, Parramatta Park