In 2019, City of Canada Bay removed the playground at Dunlop Reserve and installed a new playground around the corner at Salton Reserve, next to the Drummoyne Sailing Club. Below is our review of the former playground at Dunlop Reserve.

I lived in Drummoyne for a while pre-kids. And would visit Birkenhead Point regularly. I remember walking along the marina and sitting on the ‘beach’, but don’t remember the playground. But then how many people without kids play attention to playgrounds. And it looks like it has been there a while.

Now Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre has three small play areas. And we enjoy doing a ‘find the next play area’ game when we visit. So it is understandable if you haven’t ventured outside before to Dunlop Reserve. But I strongly recommend you do if you have young kids!

Fenced Playground

The playground has one of the best playground views along Parramatta River. And being fenced, with park benches, you can enjoy it while the kids play….without fear that they will run off to check out the boats in the marina, or jump in the water!

I enjoyed sitting there reading a book, while soaking in the warm sun, last time we visited.

Dunlop Reserve Birkenhead Point Drummoyne

The playground mainly consists of a large boat climbing play gym. There’s two slides, bridge, cubby house underneath.

Dunlop Reserve Birkenhead

The ground is bark and seems to have been mostly blown away as there is a big gap between where the ground level is marked on the play equipment and where it actually is.

Dunlop Reserve Birkenhead Point Drummoyne

There is a little natural shade over the play equipment depending on what time of day/ year you visit. But Dunlop Reserve playground is not one to visit on a sweltering hot sunny day….though you would probably get a nice breeze off the water.


To the left of the playground, you will see the Birkenhead Marina. And boat loving kids will enjoy wandering past. And if you walk around to the right, you will find a nice little ‘beach’ before you reach Drummoyne Sailing Club.

Now this ‘beach’ along Parramatta River sadly didn’t make the Our Living River possible swimmable sites list as recommended by the general public. But I have asked for it to be added. I mean look at it – such a gorgeous spot! Lovely sandy beach, nice decline out to the water, beautiful views, near facilities. Ticks a lot of boxes for me.

So for now, it hasn’t been tested to determine if it the water quality is safe to swim at. But it makes for a great spot to play in the sand and splash your feet. And I think would make an awesome swimming spot for families. Fingers cross it can be assessed and added to the list!

If you visit, remember to bring some sand toys!

When we visited the beach was relatively rubbish free, only collecting about half a small bag of lids, plastic bits and some broken glass. But depending on the weather and number of people visiting, this could be more or less.

Finding Dunlop Reserve

Dunlop Reserve is on the point of Birkenhead Point, in Drummoyne. There is street parking along St Georges Crescent but it can be hard to come by. You can also park in Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre just behind. Buses run along Victoria Road and the Drummoyne Wharf is about a 1.7km walk away.

Places of Interest Nearby