So you’ve reached that moment where yGranny Smith Memorial Parkour little one is walking and wants to explore. Brilliant! Time to hit the local parks to play, right? Well, sometimes it’s not as simple as that. You will quickly discover that many of the play structures with stairs and slides are too tricky for new walkers and you need to shadow their every move to make sure they don’t fall. That’s where a playground like Granny Smith Memorial Park becomes a special gem to you during those early months of toddler-hood.

Granny Smith Memorial Park Eastwood

Granny Smith Memorial Park in Eastwood has a medium-sized playground that is perfect for children who have just found their feet. This is because the climbing play gym leading to a slide is very low and has simple, manageable and safe stairs to climb. When my daughter had recently learned to walk we were here very often. I was already pregnant again and wanted to find playgrounds where she could safely climb without needing me to constantly lift her up!

Granny Smith Memorial Park Eastwood

The playground also has:

  • small tunnel to crawl through
  • interactive board with spinning wheels, nobs and coloured peep holes
  • a larger double slide set safely into a soft-fall mound
  • rocker
  • three swings – including one toddler swing seat
  • rope climbing structure – suitable for older children
  • hop-scotch game painted onto the footpath

Many of these pieces of play equipment have a Granny Smith Apple theme, which is a fun way to commemorate Ryde District’s Anna Maria Smith who in 1868 discovered and grew the now famous type of apple by accident!

Along with all this, the playground has a path around it which could easily be utilised as a track for bikes and scooters.

This playground is most definitely best visited in the cooler months of the year as there is no shade over the equipment and the area gets a lot of sun. During autumn and into winter, the surrounding trees also boast exceptionally beautiful colours, making it a lovely place to spend a morning or afternoon. The surface of the playground is bark mulch so keep this in mind if you have crawling babies.

Granny Smith Memorial Park Eastwood

Other Facilities

One of the other things to really love about this park is the vast amount of wide, open, grassy space to run around and kick a ball. There are also pretty flower beds where children can happily pick flowers and you don’t have to worry about offending any owners!

There is a single picnic bench where you could enjoy a picnic lunch with friends but there are no toilets nearby. The park is also equipped with a tap and bubbler.

Finding Granny Smith Memorial Park

Granny Smith Memorial Park can be found on the corner of Threlfall St and Culgoa Ave in Eastwood. There is plenty of on-street parking available. The 545 bus can take you to Balaclava Rd, near Corunna Rd. It is then just a short 10min walk to the park along Corunna Rd and Threlfall St.

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