It’s very rare for a new park to be created in Sydney, particularly where there once was houses. But that’s exactly what Fairfield City Council has done in creating Koonoona Park in Villawood. They bought six residential blocks at a price of $3 million and transformed the space into one great park for local families. Well done Fairfield City Council!

Koonoona Park Villawood Fairfield City Council

We raced out after school on opening day (7th September 2020) and had an awesome time. Of course, my kids have been asking to go back ever since! It’s great for kids of all ages but won’t necessarily suit all families… read on to see what we mean.

Koonoona Park Villawood Fairfield City Council

Now the big draw card for Koonoona Park is definitely the massive, one of kind (in NSW) ropes course. It’s perfect for kids who want to be ninja warriors. And means primary school kids and young teens have something challenging to play and exercise on, which is usually lacking at playgrounds.

But this park isn’t just for older kids or wannabee monkeys/ ninja warriors… it’s also got a shaded play space for little ones at one end.

Koonoona Park Villawood

There’s a merry-go-round, see-saw, cubby house and a small climbing play gym with slide and bridge. Plus the little ones will enjoy the talking tubes and nature play type elements, including stepping pads. And of course there’s two swings, including the fab joey swing.

But be warned, there’s no fence. And some of the play equipment for little ones is right near the main path, that goes to the road. Unfortunately, we saw one child run out onto the road while we were there. Thankfully the car stopped in time. It’s a shame the play equipment for little ones wasn’t put in the back corner (seeing Fairfield City Council is opposed to putting in a fence). Hopefully the landscaping can be tweaked to provide a better barrier to the road. So if you have a little explorer/ runner and/ or a few young kids, this may not be the best park for you, unless you’ve come with a few adults.

Koonoona Park Villawood

In the middle is the large ropes course, with lots of different sections.

My kids LOVED the slide and spent ages going up and down! (But it will get hot in summer!) They also really liked the hammock like swings underneath the slide.

There’s also a flying fox down the side at the back of the park.

And then an exercise equipment area at the other end of Koonoona Park from the toddler play area. Plus a basketball court and table tennis.

While the park is 3200 square metres, there’s also a LOT packed into the space. And if it’s busy, it can be hard to keep an eye on your kids across the park.

Koonoona Park Villawood

Other Facilities

There’s small grassed areas at both ends of the park, with space for a few picnic rugs. And two covered picnic tables in between the ropes course and exercise area.

Koonoona Park Villawood

Next to the ropes course, there’s a whizz bang automated toilet. It even plays music once you enter and lock the door!

Koonoona Park Villawood

Near by to the toilet is a water refill station.

Koonoona Park Villawood Fairfield City Council

What is SADLY MISSING though is a rubbish bin. Even on the opening day there was a fair amount of litter. And we’ve been told it’s only gotten worse since. We had thought a rubbish bin was coming but have since been informed by the Mayor that they aren’t installing one (due to bins regularly being burnt). After going to Fairfield Adventure Park again recently and seeing all the metal bins there, I really hope Fairfield City Council review their decision and install a bin at Koonoona Park!

We also hope that there’s more natural shade with time. For now, it’s going to be hot to play on the metal/ plastic ropes course on a sunny day. Our suggestion is to visit Koonoona Park on cooler, cloudy days or early morning/ evening on warmer days.

Koonoona Park Villawood Fairfield City Council

Finding Koonoona Park

You’ll find this fun playground on the corner of Koonoona and Karella Avenues in Villawood. It’s about 10kms south of Parramatta, not far off Woodville Road. There’s street parking on the surrounding streets.

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